Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Fergie looks like a drag queen. And she absolutely can not sing. Her little rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine made my ears hurt.

Loved this commercial:

There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who like avocados and those who are missing out on life. My husband is among those who deny themselves the bliss that is guacamole, and this is a major obstacle in our marriage. I made some guac for a little Super Bowl shin dig we went to tonight, and I have decided that I could live my entire life on nothing but chips and guac. And maybe a little ice cream. In other food news, my sweet mother sent me a package recently that contained a big bag of valentine's M&Ms. Cary and I demolished them in 48 hours. We also finally defeated Bowser, so it was a big weekend at the Reeves' house.

I am glad I'm married now and I don't have to pretend to like football anymore. When I was single, I wanted to maintain the image that I enjoyed watching sports because I wanted boys to think I was sporty and cool. But now that I already tricked one into marrying me, I can finally be at ease and spend the game eating snacks and criticizing Fergie's performance. I feel like a gigantic burden has been lifted.

Going into the game, Cary had very little idea of who was even playing. I had to convince him to come to the party, just to eat some food and see friends. Approximately 30 seconds into the game, he became a die-hard Steeler's fan. I was very amazed at how quickly this emotional loyalty formed. He really chose the wrong band wagon to jump on there. 

My Super Bowl 2011 experience can be summed up thusly:
- I love buffalo chicken dip
- I love guacamole
- I love peanut butter brownies
- I love talking obnoxiously through the entire game with girlfriends while the boys cry over interceptions and what not.

So basically it was just a regular day-in-the-life of Amy, where the highlights for me involved what I ate.

I am already excited about eating my leftover guac tomorrow for lunch.


  1. "But now that I already tricked one into marrying me, I can finally be at ease and spend the game eating snacks and criticizing Fergie's performance." Pretty sure that was my favorite sentence. Fortunately, I didn't need to trick Ty. ... maybe thats a lie. I pretended to like BYU football, and that was trickery on my part. Whoops.

    I'm annoyed that so many statuses (stati?) involved Superbowl references. Who cares? I did the same thing you did. Talked with girlfriends, and ignored the emotional upsets in the room :P

  2. i didnt' get to watch superbowl because levi volunteered us to go to his uncle's house for dinner. boo. but i did love the commerical you put on here. =)