Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things Abby and I have in common

1. We are both blonde.
2. We are both a bit on the round-ish side.
3. I still think we're both kind of cute.
4. Neither of us can be trusted with a lot of food around us. We are both lacking in the self-control department. We also both get really excited when it's meal time.
5. We both love bacon. And cheese. And waffles.
6. We both love Cary and get kind of bummed out every time he leaves.
7. We both love go to on walks and runs but usually get tired and want to sit down pretty quickly.
8. We both tend to scare off our friends by being a little to over eager and excited. Neither of us are very adept at socializing properly.
9. We both would be completely content to spend an entire day lounging and eating and napping in the sun. And I tell you what, there is nothing like watching your dog take a nap in the sun to zap your motivation to do homework entirely.
10. We both broadcast the many horrible injustices in our lives with much whining and groaning and barking (that one's just Abby), and sighing. Neither of us likes to suffer in silence.

And we are both so so so excited that my family is coming on FRIDAY! Woohoo! Can't wait to show them around scenic Del Rio!


  1. Amy Lynn, you are a treasure. I happen to be fond of both the blonds, but I like you best ( :

  2. You're hilarious. Do you know where you're going to take your fam bam this week? Seminole Canyon is open (while its cooler weather), you can also do the dam... you can take them near the winery and show them the funny fence that has the opening at the end :) have fun!

  3. Sounds like a lifelong BEST FRIEND to me! :-)