Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All up in my grill

There is something that is all up in my grill.

 In fact, there is a cat all up in my grill.

I don't particularly care for cats. And this little guy is sort of cute, but he is a nasty critter and keeps hissing and growling and being very obnoxious. I spent about half an hour trying to coax him out of the grill with turkey and cooing noises, and then trying to scare him out by unleashing Abby and banging on the grill, but he is not budging.

I think my next move is going to be to squirt water at him and see if it scares him away. But he doesn't have a collar and I'm very scared that he will chase after me and scratch me and give me rabies or something. Cats are the devil. So maybe our grill will just have a new tenant.

... At least until we light it up again on Saturday.


  1. We always hosed down unwanted cats when they entered our yard. Worked for us. Good luck with that one. I would not do well with a cat hanging out in my grill. Too bad you don't have those plastic pellet guns. I bet that would scare the cat out of there.

  2. I never comment on blogs. But you better believe I read every word of yours! It's hysterical. That story about Cary had me rolling. Man I miss you guys.