Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Oh, gracious. We meet again, my sad and neglected blog. I have so many important items to discuss. I've been feeling a real need to express myself via Microsoft Paint lately, but since I am currently unemployed my only computer is a Mac. Getting my Microsoft Paint on is really about the only thing I miss about my job. That and the pebbled ice machine.

Anywho. Last I wrote, I was about to embark on a magical voyage called the Disney Cruise! What a delight it was. The whole fan damily went on a 7-day cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, stopping in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Unfortunately, the military isn't too fond of Mexico right now, so Cary and I got to enjoy staying aboard the ship the entire time. But it was totally tubular and radical and we loved every second of it. Except the first night when I got weirdly sea sick. Not throwing up and nauseous so much as insanely anxious and irritated and dizzy. Everyone was way excited to hang out with me! It was 7 fantastic days of eating Mickey Bars, drinking Diet Coke, reading by the pool, playing games, watching awesome shows at night, and just soaking up all of the time with the whole fam. Picture time: As per usual, these photos are not in chronological order, because blogger is trying to ruin my life.
Darn it, why you gotta be sideways? Here is Matt is his most excellent tourist outfit. Please note the socks and sandals. 
Todd is so sad that the cruise is almost over.
A solid picture. Probably going to send it out for Christmas cards this year. 
The whole group at dinner the last night, with our awesome servers. Your dinner servers follow you each night to each restaurant, and ours were the best! They kept the Diet Coke and Mickey Bars coming. 
Just hanging out in a port hole. 
Cary loves pictures. 
Pirate Ellie! Argh! 
They have a pirate night on the ship, where everyone dresses up as Pirates and they have fireworks and turkey legs and such. It was super awesome.  
I told Brent to make a pirate face, and this is the result. He's been hanging out with some strange pirates, apparently. 
Ahoy mateys!
Fun times while waiting for dinner: Go "Bbbbbb" and take a picture in the middle.
More of that nonsense
It's funny every time! 
Oh, Matthew. 
M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!
Ellie had the most fantastic swimming ensemble. I want a long sleeved swimsuit with a hood. But I don't think my bum would look as cute in so many ruffles.  
Thar she blows! The good ship Disney Wonder, as viewed from Cabo San Lucas. Cary and I were sitting on the boat, while everyone else enjoyed frolicking on the beach. Boo. But hanging out on the mostly empty boat was rad. Got all the best spots to lounge in the sun and no lines for any food. Score. 
And now it's pirate night again? Katie bought Matt's pirate outfit on clearance at a costume store, and we later saw a 7 year old girl wearing the same one.  
Cute little pirate family.
A whole table o' pirates. 
Doing the limbo is a favorite past time of pirates. 
Gettin' our nails did while the men folk went fishing. 
Brent and I getting our karaoke on. The crowd loved our rendition of Megara's "I  won't say I'm in love", featuring Brent as the Muses. 
Another quality pic of our performance. 
Here Todd is showcasing our spoils from winning Movie Quote Trivia. Our team was unstoppable.
We won now one, but TWO water bottles. It was pretty groovy.

Good grief, blogger is making me so angry. Does anyone else have such issues with pictures or am I just a special brand of blogger-incompetent? In conclusion to this segment of the post, we had an amazing time on the cruise, and I think I gained 400 lbs. I was wearing my jeans on the flight back home and I wanted to cry the entire time because they were cutting off my circulation at the waist. Thusly, I vowed to stop drinking Diet Coke and run 100 miles during the month of April. I'm happy to report that on this day of April 17th, I am DC Free, and I've run 73 miles! Word to your mother.

Next up, Care Bear and I spent a week in Colorado! This was a delightful time, the exception being the time that my family's dog, Kola, bit my poor flabby Abby. Abby is a big gentle giant and would never hurt a fly, but Kola is a bit of a jealous dog who is becoming kind of crazy in her old age. They were playing fetch with Cary and Kola just went bonkers and bit my poor dog! She had to go to the vet and get shaved and had to wear the cone of shame for a while. It was very tragic.

 Poor Abby girl. She's so sad.
The damage, after getting cleaned up by the vet. 

Aaaaaand here are some pictures from various times being in Colorado! 
My BFF Danica got married! They are way adorable. (p.s.- she's wearing my dress! It was so fun to see it being worn again!)

  Look at us super foxy bridesmaids.

At Danica's bridal shower. I hate standing at the front in photos. 

Loved spending quality time with my other BFF Rachie! And we love matching.

 Hey, speaking of weddings, here is a super old picture of us at Sarah's wedding! My husband is so cute.
 I just realized that Care Bear's eyes are closed in this picture. Oh well.

Another kind of old picture of our girl's weekend in Breckenridge. 

At this point in the blog, I was going to add a bunch of awesome iPhone pictures, but I started this post yesterday, and between now and then, my iPhone decided to go swimming... in the toilet. That sure is too bad. Between that unfortunate occasion and Blogger deleting pictures and being a total wiener, I am done with this whole picture journey. 

The good news is that as a logical conclusion to this post, I have some great hipster jokes that I would like to share.

Did you hear about the hipster who burned his mouth on his hot pocket?

... Yeah, he ate it before it was cool.

How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb?

Oh, it's some obscure number you've probably never heard of.