Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm really much funnier in my head

I couldn't fall asleep last night, and as my thoughts bounced around in that half-asleep state, I thought of what I was positive would be the World's Most Hilarious Blog Post. I was giggling to myself and patting myself on the back for how hilarious I am. I thought about jotting down my thoughts quick, but I knew that it was just too darn hilarious for me to forget.

It's now 7:17 in the morning and I have absolutely no idea what I thought would be so funny to blog about. I think maybe it had to do with Valentine's day? But I haven't the foggiest.

But it's probably for the best. My half-asleep judgment can't really be trusted, after all. I tend to think several things are much funnier than they really are when I am experiencing them in such a state, such as: Movies like Nacho Libre and Hot Rod-

-I just remembered part of what I was going to blog about. It still makes me laugh. But chances are it will not be amusing to 96% of the population. I am going to tell you anyway. I still have no idea why I thought this would be such a great thing to post about.

Last night, we were trying to go to bed early because the Care Bear had to be up-and-at-em pretty early this morning. Ever since I have been cohabitating with a member of the male population, I have stopped wearing my retainer. There are few things on the earth that are less sexy than retainers. But I was thinking that the thousands of dollars of orthodontia that went into my mouth should not go to waste, and I should try to wear the thing occasionally. It may be shocking to find out that it did not fit very well after 8 months. But I wore it anyway. It was my turn to say the prayer, but the prayer ended in very irreverent fits of laughter after hearing my horrible retainer lisp. We spent probably an hour cracking up over the hilarity of saying things like "Physicist's assistant" other phrases with a lot of S's. It just so happens that I made Cary watch She's The Man with me the other night, and even though there was a lot of eye rolling involved, he laughed at several parts. For those who have seen the movie, we then moved on to quoting all of Eunice's lines, complete with lisp-y retainer voice, which sent us into complete and utter hysterics. For reference:

For those who haven't seen She's The Man, how are we friends?? Just kidding. Kind of. Anyway, we were absolutely dying,  and we eventually drifted off to sleep, still laughing about lisps and retainers. Being married to your best friend is absolutely the best thing ever. He makes me smile, from ear to ear. I love seeing that serious, Air Force, focused guy be completely silly and goofy.

Anyway, it remains a mystery why I thought this was so very pertinent and amusing to be shared on the blog.

And Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I love Valentine's Day, but the hubs is not the biggest fan. But Happy Valentine's Day anyway to the best adventure partner ever. I got him a new water bottle and a giant Kit Kat bar, which I ate half of. I mean, I ate it after I gave it to him. I didn't give him a half-eaten Kit Kat.
Anyway. Love you, Care Bear.
I love that man of mine.

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  1. You're funny. I do that too... lay awake at night thinking about things to blog about. I once thought I could blog about all my pre-marriage dating experiences so my single friends could benefit from my mistakes. That one never got rolling. :P But I did blog once about why Del Rio is better than Rexburg... that was mostly just to make me feel better about living here :P