Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When life gives you lemons,

... Sometimes life gets you right in a paper cut. And then life rubs some salt in it. 

Two days ago I woke up feeling funny and took a pregnancy test and got 2 faint lines.
Yesterday I got a phone call with results from a blood test saying, "Congratulations! You are definitely pregnant!"
Today I spent an awful 5 hours in the ER by myself while I lost the pregnancy I'd just found out about.
Tonight I skyped my lonely husband and we cried and wished so so bad he was here to stroke my hair while I fell asleep.

I think I've experienced enough emotions in the last 48 hours to last me for at least a few months, and now I would like to hibernate.

I have nothing poetic or profound to say on the matter, only this: It really stinks.

P.S. I still love babies and love it when other people have happy, healthy pregnancies. Because loving on these little nuggets almost makes it okay that my own are taking their sweet time getting here.

My favorite niece Ellie petting my other favorite niece Abigail. It's too much cuteness to even absorb.
Now I'm going to go drink 400 ounces of Diet Coke and possibly take up scuba diving or some other thing you can't do while pregnant. Maybe bungee jumping. Or maybe just sleeping 12 hours straight.