Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conversations in the night

Set the scene: 2 in the morning at the Reeves' house. Abby has decided it is a good time to let out a random bark, which causes both of us to wake up and stir.

Amy: What is Abby barking at?
Cary: (Eyes wide open, appearing completely lucid) I think our neighbors are trying set up their own Norad.
Amy: ... Huh?
Cary: You know... tons of satellites and everything... like Norad or something. Their whole house is covered in satellites.
Amy: ....?
Cary: (frustrated that I do not understand) You know what Norad is right??
Amy: What are you talking about?
Cary: NORAD! North American Aerospace Defense Command.
Amy: Yes... but... I don't... understand... what you are talking about right now.
Cary: Never mind, I'm going back to sleep.

2 minutes later:
Cary: Oh wait. I think I dreamed that whole thing.

And then I couldn't fall asleep because every time I would drift off I would remember that ridiculous conversation and it would make me laugh all over again.

This morning he only vaguely remembered having this conversation. I think sleep talking is my number one favorite form of entertainment in the universe.


  1. one night while i was pregnant with dallin, i couldn't sleep. jonathan was out like a light. but at one point he said, "that's the most interesting alien you are holding." i asked him what he just said, and he repeated it exactly. i had been watching the discovery channel about ufo sitings and area 51 and informational things like that earlier that day, and it totally creeped me out, so i just got all wide-eyed and looked around the room until i was too scared, and hit jonathan and told him to wake up and explain himself.

    i don't really have a good way of ending this long story. that's really it.

  2. :-) This is funny. There are plenty of things that Ty says to me when he's half asleep, and only partially remembers the next morning. Its good times. It even gets to the point where now I say, "are you even awake?!" And he gets flustered with me that I'm even asking that, because he always says (whether or not he really is half asleep), "I have no way of proving that I am really awake right now." Its good times.

  3. It gets even better when you have kids. The conversations get funnier and then the kids get old enough to talk and sleep walk and it just keeps getting better!
    And yes, I do stock your blog :)

  4. oh my gosh, i talk in my sleep aallllllll the time. and now i'm laughing hysterically at your story AND andrea's :)