Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somebody call I-X-I-I !

First matter of business:
Name that movie.

Second matter of business:
For the love of pete, why is it so difficult for me to make my blog not ugly??? I don't understand. I can't get it to have a picture and words without the picture getting all wonky and humongous. And don't even get me started on widths and cropping and fonts and whatnot. All I really want is a nice looking blog title thinymajig. Is that too much to ask? Someone please come over and explain it to me and make my blog cute. I would settle for just "not ugly."

I found a flea on Abby's head today, which ruined all of my plans for the day. Instead I spent the day obsessively vacuuming, scrubbing, washing the dog in the tub (which was kind of hilarious), scratching at the phantom bug bites I kept feeling, and generally being a psycho neurotic weirdo. Soon I will write a great blog post detailing the wonderful times of my fam bam being in town this weekend. 2 words: Blue. Bell. And a loooooot of it. 3 more words: AWESOME. NEW. GRILL. My parents gifted us with a beautiful new grill and it is about to get all kinds of delicious up in hurr. 4 words: I. LOVE. my. family.


  1. You will be grilling a lot this summer. And then the second summer will be a great time to grill too. Remind me to show you the fly trap that Nikki's husband taught us how to make. You will need it when you grill.

  2. when i was in middle school, my sister and i bought some gerbils from your standard shady pet store. and then my sister and i started finding these little black bugs on us. the gerbils totally gave us fleas. so embarrassing. as if being 13 isn't awful enough, i also had fleas. oh gosh.

  3. Your blog looks great! If you need tutorials or ideas on how to make things work, check out shabbyblogs.com. They've got great tutorials on everything from blog buttons to headers.
    Still interested in a guest post on my blog? pretty please?

  4. i recognized it, but couldn't think where it came from.