Monday, August 13, 2012

Sandals and Sewing and S'mores, Oh my!

I haven't made a list of random things that I feel inclined to broadcast to the world wide web in a while. Now's as good a time as ever, I say.
 1. This made me laugh. But also it is true.

2. I'm going to buy a pair of THESE sandals. If you don't feel like clicking the link, secondary students in Uganda are chosen to work and make these sandals for 9 months, to earn money in order to get more education. I think this is so cool, and also the sandals are super rad. The ties are interchangeable, and you can tie them into all sorts of way cool styles. I just love this idea so much.
3. I made something! It's a laptop case. I'm eventually going to put a big button and button hole on it so it can be closed up, but just getting the dang thing sewed was a challenge for me. It involved a lot of dag nabits and sonuvaguns. My friend came over to help me, bless her soul. She is a patient woman. I am about as un-crafty as they come, but I would very much like to learn to be crafty. So I made that there laptop case and it actually turned out pretty well! But don't look all that closely. The bad news is that it is a wee bit tight on my laptop. Apparently my measuring skills need some work. It baaaarely squeezes in there. I have a 13' Macbook air, so if anyone has a computer that is smaller and wants a laptop case, let me know and I will mail you this case! As long as you promise not to be too judgmental at my sewing deficiencies.

4. I need to confess something. There is a car in our apartment complex that is constantly parked absolutely HORRIBLY. We are talking diagonally, crossing both lines, and all sorts of ridiculousness. This has been happening for months. When we came back last night from our weekend trip, this dude was parked taking up 3 spaces, right in front of our complex, so we had to park way far away from our apartment. This made me annoyed, and I was also hot and hungry, so my hangriness was dangerously high. And I was just so tired of this dumbo's absurd excuse for parking that... I... I keyed his car.

No, I didn't. But that will make what I actually did sound better. I stuck a post-it note on his door that said "Learn to park, please!" Today I saw the dude wander out to his car and look at the note. I instantly felt so bad. I considered sprinting out there to apologize and maybe make him some cookies for being so terrible. But then he drove away, and when he returned, he parked even worse. So, I don't even feel bad. Well, actually, I still feel bad. But I'm not making him any cookies. I did consider writing a second note that said, "I'm sorry if my note about your terrible parking hurt your feelings. But also I would appreciate it if you would stop parking like a butthead." I decided to just leave it be. Phew, thanks for listening. I feel better already.

5. I recently learned that National S'mores Day was August 10th. I am so depressed that I missed it. I must make up for it by celebrating this weekend, or I shalt surely perish. What should I make?? I'm debating between these:

So many delicious chocolate-marshmallow-graham options. That made me super hungry.