Monday, September 17, 2012

Awkward Amy

Oh boy, do I ever have a treat for you.

In preparation for our move to a location that we will hopefully stay at for more than a year, I've been going through all of the old knick knacks that have been stowed away at my parent's house. Among these treasures are all of my old journals. To apologize for the extreme neglect of this blog, and for your amusement and delight, I have decided to highlight a few passages from these journals from age 13-15. For anyone that finds it hard to believe that even with all of this awesome going on, I was a super awkward nerd in middle school/high school, I present conclusive evidence of this fact.
I shall refer to all boys mentioned as various Bobs and all girls as Debby. Current me commentary in italics.

"I was tired today. I did a whole project by myself because my partner was lazy. Grrrr! I drank some hot chocolate. Tasty! We went bowling. I stink! Spanish was ok. And now I have to go." How informative.

"I love sleepovers mucho!! I went shopping today and mom bought me moon boots! I also ate some hot wings! I love Harry Potter!" I love an exclamation point! Why on earth did I want moon boots?

"My choir teacher is sick. She has pneumonia. It's sad, but I don't miss her too much. I got a solo and Debby didn't. HAHAHA. YEEEEAAAH!!!!!"  Is it sad that I don't miss her or sad that she is sick?

"Things I want for Christmas:
A recording thing What is a recording thing??
A keyboard
Debby to move to Alaska"

"I really like Harry Potter. I want it to be real. I want magic to be real. Christmas break is over :( :( :( :( :( :( :( sad sad sad. I decided I want to marry Bob#3. Holy moly. He is soooo cute. And nice. Too bad he doesn't like me. Today I went to Olive Garden. I'm sooo full." I still want Harry Potter to be real.

"Today was normal. Very boring. I had to write two essays. And I had to be partners with a meanie in Spanish. It was no fun. >:(" 

"I've only kissed one boy! And it was terrible! Stupid Bob. I hate him. He's such a loser-poser-jerk-face-meanie-GRRR. I hate him! But I want to marry him! That would be way cool. Also Bob#2. I love everything about him!!!!! Why don't they like me?? Choir was boring today. Our teacher is sooo under qualified." A very harsh judgement for a 14 year old to make, I think. 

I want to be in love. It sounds nice. Having someone, not in my family, love me?? Someday. I still love Bob. And Bob#2. I ripped a belt loop off of my pants, grrrrr! My teacher makes me angry. Bad teacher! I think Bob#3 likes me. 3 boys in one journal entry? Oh dear. And I don't even remember who 2/3 of these boys are. I'm kind of glad I'm not that popular. The popular people are mean. And not being popular makes me nicer.

Debby made me do our whole project by myself UGHHH. GRRRR. I got hot chocolate at school. And I won a card game, woohoo! Everyone I know has kissed a boy. My stomach hurts. I'm afraid I'm getting sick. Please don't let me get sick. I really want to kiss a boy! So bad! But it's never going to happen! I'll be a nun!!! Ugh my stomach is killing me! So... is a boy never going to kiss me because my stomach hurts? Or does my stomach hurt because a boy is never going to kiss me?

My weekend was ok. Mom and Dad went on their anniversary date overnight, EW! Debby sucks, Grrr! I love Bob #496! Soooooo hottttt! I can't even keep track of how many boys are mentioned in this journal. Also, I suddenly transitioned from describing boys as cute to hot?

Good grief. Such drama. And that is not even the worst of it. That is just what I am willing to share with the public. I left out much of the truly insane ramblings about my poor broken 8th grade heart. And now, for your amusement and delight, here are some pictures from this era.

After a talent show freshman year. Oh Danica. Oh Brent. Oh dear. Danica's buns are priceless. Just wait, that hairstyle is coming back.
Guys N' Dolls, in 8th grade. I included this one just for good ol' Rachel Roylance up there with the red scarf. I'm in the lower right corner, just being short and round as usual.
Going to my first church dance. Oh this just makes my heart hurt a bit for my poor awkward teenage self. I probably came home and wrote a dramatic journal about the horror of not being asked to dance for a slow song.
Danica, Deelinda and I, all running a 5K.Thank heavens for lifetime friends. We've been through it all together!

Ok this one is just embarrassing. First day of.... 8th grade? Oh you poor girl... Trying so hard to be cool! I especially enjoy the entire bottle of lip gloss that appears to be on my lips. And the hat.

Being a deviled egg for Halloween. I think I might have to revisit that costume again. It was a good one. 
And here I am, almost 10 years later (WHAT?? I feel old.), a little taller, a little thinner, but still basically that awkward girl with a strange cowlick. At least now, I only write about one boy in my journal. And he kisses me whenever I want. :)

Included this picture of us at a rodeo because I think he's cute, even if he won't smile for pictures. And I miss him. Hurry up and finish your training, Care Bear!