Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Truth or a lie

You know that get-to-know-you game where you have to say 2 things that are true about you and 1 thing that isn't and everyone has to guess which one is a lie? First of all, I hate it when you have to come up with something interesting to say about yourself on the spot. My attempt usually goes something like this: "Umm. I... I... like... pickles. And I... am... from Georgia... And.... and... I... uh... I'm 5'6''." Psyche! I'm 5'7''. And that is usually the best lie I can come up with. I don't handle pressure well.

Anywho. Well loyal readers, today we are going to play a game called, "Which of these activities did I actually do/not do today?'

1.Today I ran 5 miles in the rain.
2. Today I watched 2 episodes of "Hey Arnold" on Netflix.
3. Today I ate a nauseating amount of cadbury mini eggs that were sitting in a bowl at a friend's house.
4. Today I finished my English essay.
5. Today I scrubbed our bathrooms for an hour and it turns out that no amount of scrubbing can make it look clean.
6. Today I wore pants with a zipper and button rather than pants with an elastic waist band for longer than 4 hours.
7. Today I made a delicious dinner for my husband and we enjoyed lots of meaningful conversation.
8. Today I turned off the sprinklers without getting wet.
9. Today I vacuumed the house and had to empty the canister twice because it was full to the brim of Abby hair.
10. Today I finally fit into those darn pants that have been giving me a disgusting muffin top ever since a few extra el-bees decided to make residence around my hips.

Ready for the answers?
1. Totally true. It was awesome/awful.
2. True. I am not ashamed
3. Also true. But I am ashamed.
4. False. And will probably continue to be false until the absolute last minute on Friday night.
5. True. Lame.
6. Almost always false. I do love me an elastic waistband.
7. False. He hoovered a grilled ham and cheese I made him and promptly returned to his cave to mutter weird pilot-speak to himself while staring off into space.
8. True! Boo-ya. Those stupid sprinklers have really been ruining my hair lately, but I finally beat them.
9. A very sad truth. Maybe I will shave her. Bald dogs are so in right now.
10. HOT DIGGITY, this is true! Despite my numerous mentions of cadbury mini egg consumption, I really have been running like a mad woman and dutifully eating all kinds green things, and I can finally squeeze my booty into those jeans for the first time in a while. Holler back.


  1. Congrats on the fitness! I'm jealous. Now come to Utah and whip my couch potato diet coke drinking butt into shape! (Preferably not round)

  2. good work lady!! you know.... me and nicole are doing this weight loss thing... actually it's more like i'm doing it and she's not because she fails at writing down her stuff. but you should join us! it's a google doc that i made, and we/i write down what we ate, how much we exercised, slept, drank water etc etc. lemme know!

    also, independent study blows balls. haha. that's what she said. ew. i'm gross. anyways, i should be studing for my bleeping infant development final i need to take tonight, i'm on lesson 4 out of 14. no big deal. argh. i hate school. thank goodness we're almost done.

  3. I thought all of them were true except for 8. :) Congrats on all the others though, at least the fun/good ones ;) see you tonight!