Saturday, March 19, 2011


In 32 days I will be flying out to Utah!

I get to see these people:
The ever-refined Reichman clan
 And these people!
Miss them so dang much!
And I get to eat tater tots and grilled cheese just like old times with this girl:
  And I get to wear one of these!

I can't wait to reunite with these two lovers...
Oh Cafe Rio, how you have been missed...
No fro yo here in Dull-Rio
 And then I get to go home to Colorado and play with this!
Kola! I miss my puperooski.
 And then I get to catch up with these wonderful people:
So lucky to call them family :)
 I am so so so excited! I can't wait! The only thing that could make this any better is if I could bring this guy. But he will be too busy flying planes and whatnot.
Purrrr. I like him.


  1. Dear sister-in-law,
    I'm feeling a little left out. Just saying.

  2. what the what man??!! come on......

  3. All fixed guys! You know I can't wait to see both of you!

  4. yesssss. much better. also, that picture of us is fabulous. that was such a sweet day, minus my car being all crashed in. lol

  5. You're funny. Get ready to spend all of your vacations that way in the next year: sans husband. But its way fun at the end!!!

  6. shhhh...don't tell anyone...but your blog is my absolute favorite, hands down. And I miss you and am sooo sad that I won't be in Dallas this summer. I might fly/drive out at the end of the summer though for which case we should meet up in San Antonio or something and catch up.