Sunday, March 13, 2011

News Bulletins

 This is my 54th blog post. That is about 53 more than I thought I would ever write. As it turns out, blogging makes me feel more productive than watching 8 episodes of Scrubs in a row on Netflix (not that I would know... I've never done that... ) and sometimes I'm hard up for entertainment round these parts. Especially now that the husband has started 12 hour days, chased down with some more studying.

I'm sure you all have been on the edges of your seats, waiting for any updates from the ever-exciting life of Amy Reeves. Hold on to your hats, folks.

- This weekend was action-packed, as usual. On Saturday I went on a nice, sweaty run and then went to swim laps with the Care Bear. We've been trying to swim laps every Saturday for a while now, and I feel I have gathered enough evidence to conclude that it is a good thing that the guys around here are in the Air Force and not in the Navy. Homeboys cannot swim.

- I found another flea on Abby's head. Gross. Abby is hardly ever outside except to do her bid-ness and go on runs with me, so I have no idea how she is getting fleas. It is ticking me off, man. After another extensive search, I still could not find any other fleas or anything. But I put some more flea medicine down her back and now she has a punk-rock doggy mohawk. She's hardcore.

- I finally got the green light from my counselor and I'm going to graduate in April! I have thwarted the valiant efforts of many people working at BYU Independent Study and BYU in general in keeping me from graduating, and I have a few words that I would like to say to all who were involved along the way of this journey, but I won't share them because this is a family friendly blog.

- I may have to sell my kidney on the black market in order to fund this, but I purchased plane tickets this week, not only to Utah for a little graduation sensation, but to Flo-rid-a to hang with my fam bam on the beach for a week! It is going to be a delight. And then I'll be driving up with them to Alabama to get my redneck on. I am way excited, but also a little bit sad because I'll be traveling solo. I'm not so much sad for me, but for my poor hubster. The thought of him eating a microwave dinner all by his lonesome is so heartbreaking! He keeps insisting that he is a grown man and he'll be just fine and will probably actually enjoy not being asked if the dinner I made was really good or just sort of good 50 times per meal, but deep down inside, he will miss me.

- As I mulled over a hula-hoop purchase at Wal-Mart this week, it occurred to me that although time keeps passing and my number of years on this earth keep increasing, I am still 13 years old. In every single way. I feel like a pre-teen charading around as a grown up, just waiting for someone to figure out that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Because this just in: Grown up life is kind of lame sometimes. Sometimes I get very depressed about the fact that if I leave the my cup on the couch or my shoes on the floor, they will not magically find their way into their proper places. And if my dog needs $90 flea medicine, I have to pay for it with real actual money! That I was going to use to buy a new swimsuit! But, alas, neither my mother nor my husband are on board with letting us move back home and live in their basement forever, so I decided to be an adult and not purchase the unnecessary hula hoop. As it turns out, I am definitely regretting that decision. Little known fact about me: I am the hula hoop champion of the world. I could hula that hoop all day, err'day. I could be having the time of my life right now, dang it! Maybe I have to embrace the grown up life of bills and cleaning and responsibility, but if growing up means no hula hoops, I want nothing to do with it.



  1. ummmm. we're going to florida after graduation!! the first week of may! are you going to be there??! we'll be in cocoa beach but if so that would be awweeeesomeeeee

  2. So I totally bought a hula hoop... I'm wanting to be an amazing hula hooper? Anyways... I hope I can take it to school with me... or just break down and buy a new one when I get there...

  3. Don't worry, I am completely 13 years old as well. Example #1: I just bought concert tickets to go see Backstreet Boys this summer haha. I think you should go buy the hula hoop and enjoy your day :)

    P.S. I LOVE your blog!

  4. OK, so I bought me a hula hoop. Then Jenna thought it was so cool that I taught myself to hula hoop that she had to have one too! I got one with water in it and now my kids are even hula hoop snobs-- they only like to use the ones with water in them as well. :)