Monday, December 20, 2010

A photo essay.

Warning: This blog post is not likely to contain any real coherent thoughts.

Here is what Abby is like during the day. Taking naps all over and place and just sitting around looking cute:

Pet me! I'm cute!
 Here is what Abby looks like as soon as you put the leash on her and try to take her on a walk:
I am huge and strong and I am going to make you look like an idiot!
Let's not discuss how much time I wasted making these pictures. Let's instead discuss how much I hate writing American Heritage papers and how I only have 1 1/2 papers left but I can not for the life of me just crank them out. I blame it on the annoying beagle next door that barks its head off all stinkin day long. I want to go out there and punt it into the Rio Grande. I've never met my neighbors so I don't think they'll read this, but if they do, I'm sorry. And I hate your dog.
Anywho. Onto Devil Abby. I wrote a while ago about how she pulled me onto my face while we were on a walk a week or so ago but I thought I would document the damage.

Naturally I decided to snap this photo of my wounds as I was making sugar cookies
It hurt a lot more than it looks like in these pictures. I was so stinkin ticked at her.

Hey speaking of things that gave me the opportunity exercise my vocabulary of profanities, our bookcases are finally done! Even though some people around here threw several temper tantrums involving sitting on the grass and pouting (that Cary is just so dramatic...) they are done and I never want to hear the word "refinish" again. Now they actually have stuff on them, but you will just have to imagine it because taking another picture and loading it on here would require much more energy than I am willing to expend.
 Segue right into my next topic... A few weekends ago we went to San Antonio for the night! It was a delight. We went to buy Cary his Christmas present- a new suit. As I was purchasing said suit, the cashier was like, "Hey, this is a nice Christmas gift. It is for... your brother?" And I was like "Um, yes, I often buy my brothers fancy suits for Christmas??" Weirdo. I also got a new dress, and it was delightful being in civilization. Here is a blurry picture of us at the Alamo.
Hey, remember the time we went to the Alamo?
 We ate dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse on the Riverwalk and it was amazing. It was all lit up for Christmas and people on the barges were singing Christmas carols. And I ate a ginormous steak and life was so good. We also got this amazing appetizer that involved steak, bacon, barbecue sauce, and onion straws. I wanted to take a picture of it, but by the time I remembered we were mostly done with it, and it was a gruesome scene to behold. But trust me, it was delicious.
Cary, always ready for his close up.
 And then I made Cary buy me a shirt that says "Don't Mess With Texas" and I am very excited about that. Saturday was Cary's squadron's Christmas party, and it was aight. There was a comedian there and he was mostly funny, but also pretty gross and raunchy. On the way out we were talking about how comedians are so much funnier when they don't have to rely on the shock value to get their laughs and how the way dirty jokes just make people feel kind of awkward... And the comedian was walking right in front of us. Oops! Oh well. Free Advice.
Please excuse the fact that I look like I may be with child. Only a food baby.
 For the sake of everyone involved, I am now going to end this post because it is weird and ramble-y.


  1. You are funny. Somebody had to tell him what was up tho. Dirty comedians = me no likey. We should've hired Brian Regan.

  2. i like your dress! and you do not look like you're with child. you look smoking.

    please come to utah soon.