Monday, December 6, 2010

Grace is not my middle name.

It's Lynn, in case you were wondering.

But it is most definitely not grace. I am quite positive that anyone who knows me would never use "graceful" to describe me. I just might be the least graceful person on the earth. Sunday was a particularly grace-less day for me. First of all, I play piano for the little kiddos in church and during their lesson I was just sitting at the piano, perhaps I was sending a text message, I don't know, and I accidently dropped my phone on the keys. Twice. Okay, maybe 3 times. And then, I had to say the prayer during Sacrament meeting. For some bizarre reason, praying in public causes me to experience insane amounts of anxiety. I can sing in front of people, give talks, play piano, but for the life of me I can not say a regular prayer in front of an audience. My prayer sounded like I was a 7 year old child with a stutter and a learning disability. I could not remember what on earth normal people say when they are saying a prayer. I think my favorite part was when I stammered through, "And we're so gr-gr-ateful for for for... blessings." Good one, Ames. And as a cherry on top of my successful Sabbath, I dropped my hymnbook and planner on the floor which resulted in a loud clatter and all eyes on me. I know how to make a good impression on our new ward. They probably think Cary is some kind of saint for marrying someone as "special" as I am. When we got home I decided to make some tasty muffins for Cary while he took a nap so he could wake up to the delicious smell of cinnamon muffins wafting into the room. This might have worked if I hadn't caused all of our tupperware to cascade out of our cupboards and if I hadn't dropped the muffin tin about 50 times. And I burned my forearm on the top of our oven. 

It will be a miracle if I make it past age 35. 

But in other news, Cary and I are both terrible at surprises and secrets, so yesterday he spilled the beans on what my Christmas present is!
Yamaha Arius YDP161. 
My wonderful, incredible, amazing husband got me this beautiful digital piano for Christmas! With all of the moving we are going to be doing for the next big chunk of our lives, it didn't make sense to get an acoustic piano, but this baby is the next best thing! I am so excited. It is on its way to me now and should get here sometime this week! I've missed playing piano so much. My parents bought me a beautiful grand piano for my 18th birthday, but I can't have until I have a house it can actually fit in and that I'm not going to move out of for a good long time. So in 20 years I can finally have it back, but until then I am so excited to have this piano! It has graded weighted keys, has different setting of touch sensitivity and all these other fancy settings. It's just about as close to the real deal as you can get. I am so excited! And now I have even more ways to procrastinate studying. I love my hubs. I think I'll keep him around.


  1. you're a lucky woman man! our budget was 50 bucks each. not even fair. but i do love your piano. it's going to be so fabulous. and as for dropping things, well haha... that is all i have to say. haha.

  2. dear're hilariou! I'm sad i won't get to see you guys at Christmas, but so excited for your new piano!