Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Milo!
Milo is the newest member of the Reeves' family!
Here are some facts about him...
- We picked him out from the Dumb Friend's League in Colorado, and I was originally after a Lab, but this little guy stole my heart.
-He is 7 months old and a mixture of Australian Cattle Dog, Heller, Collie, and no one really knows what else. But he's very adorable!
- As soon as you start to pet him, he flops over onto his back and loves to have his belly scratched.
- He loves to eat everything, except his dog food. He much prefers to eat my mom's dog's dog food, which she does not appreciate.
- When we went to Petco, he picked out a bone that is bigger than his head and carried it around the whole store.
- So far his favorite hobby is to go up to my room and bring my shoes down and give them to me and/or eat them.
- He's adorable.


  1. Congrats! :) Hope he's a good dog for y'all.

  2. oooohhhhhhhh i loooooverrr himmm!!!!! =)))