Tuesday, November 2, 2010

... Or not.

Milo went back to the Dumb Friend's League today. And I cried. I have only known the dog for a week, and I cried! He is just such a heart breaker. He is so sweet, and it killed me to have to give him back. But the fact of the matter is that he needs much more than I can give him right now. I am not a fan of dogs with any kind of aggression issues, and he was a pretty dominant little sucker, and had taken countless chomps at my hands, which is no bueno in my book. He also had this nasty little habit of peeing in the house just to tick me off, because he was fully potty trained. And then there was his little issue of humping everything in sight and going ballistic on me all of the time. But his precious puppy dog eyes and the way he melted when you stopped to rub his belly were just so darn endearing.  I took him to the Dumb Friend's League today and met with a behavior specialist to tell me more about the breed and give me some help training him, but we both kind of felt like he just wasn't the breed for me. She told me she'd make sure he found a home with everything he needs, and I cried as I left my little pooch in her hands. I know we'll both be happier and he'll find a great home, but that guy sure reeled me in for the week I had him. Cary and I aren't quite done looking for a dog, but I think we'll shoot for an older dog that is a little more user friendly.

Even though he drove me absolutely bonkers for the week he was here, I'll miss that little booger.

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