Saturday, October 2, 2010

It is 6:30 in the morning.

Every morning, our alarm goes off at 6:30 and I feel like I am coming out of a 5 year coma. I am quite confident that if that darn thing didn't go off, I could sleep for about 7 more hours.

And yet.

Almost every Saturday, 6:30 rolls around and my eyes pop open, ready to attack the day. I try very hard to convince my brain that sleeping is really what we want to be doing right now, but it does not listen. Every song in the world gets stuck in my head, everything is suddenly unbearably uncomfortable, and I have to go pee.

Why, oh why, must this be the case? 

That very thing occurred this morning and I did not want to suffer alone, so I spent the next half hour subtly trying to wake up Cary. I wanted to wake him up, but gently and slowly enough that he would think he woke up on his own. But after half an hour of poking and sighing very loudly and fidgeting in the bed very ceremoniously, the boy is still in there sawing logs. He may never wake up. 

I am also pretty scared of waking up Cary. He is not very sane when he is woken up. One time, when we were engaged, we were at my family's condo in Utah. Cary had fallen asleep while we were watching a movie. It was almost time to leave for my big family party that we have at Christmas. This was the first time Cary was meeting my extended family, and I was really excited about it. I went to wake him up, and he kept snapping at me to leave him alone and not touch him. I kept telling him we needed to go and he said he wasn't going, and he didn't care about a stupid party. I was freaking out, telling him how everyone was expecting to meet my fiance, and he needed to get his rear out of bed, but he just kept pushing me away and telling me he wasn't going. So I go to finish getting ready, on the verge of tears. A few minutes later, Cary saunters in, gives me a kiss on the cheek and starts putting his shoes on. I am so confused. I ask him where he's going, and he says, "Doesn't the party start in a few minutes? I woke up a minute ago and realized it was time to go. Why didn't you wake me up?" Of course I told him about how I nearly broke up with him for being such a jerk when I tried to wake him up, and he has zero recollection of the event. 

And that is why it is best to let sleeping dogs (and husbands) lie. So now I am blogging and watching things on Netflix. We became Netflix members yesterday and it is the best decision I've made in my entire life. 

Aside from marrying this guy:

Cary in his natural habitat.

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  1. ummmmmm i love netflix. so so much. best investment EVER. =) and im so glad youre blogging!!!