Friday, June 29, 2012


Boy I am really stinking up the place at this blog challenge thing. Here comes 3 of them.

Day 8: Old Photo of Me.

This one will probably be slightly underwhelming, because I am living out of suitcases in Oklahoma, and all of my stuff is in our storage unit. And most old pictures of me are at my parent's house. Let's peruse my pictures and see what we come up with.

I got all of these pictures from facebook stalking myself. It was a delightful experience. You know, it's funny looking back on old pictures from high school or college and thinking, "I was so cute and skinny!"... when at the time I thought I was an awkward cow. Such time wasted! How sad. Now I will just move forward, secure in my knowledge that I am a babe, or at least I will think that I was when I look back when I'm 80.

 Carving punkins. I was such a cute little kid. Good thing too, because I think my cuteness and the fact that I went to bed at like 7:30 are the only reasons I made it to adulthood. My nickname was the Tazmanian Devil.
 Getting my ballet on with my little friends. I only remember 2 of the girls in these pictures. My first best friends!
 I remember being extremely self-conscious about my whitey tighties hanging out of my leotard. How embarrassing.
 Rachel and me. Gosh, so many memories. Our ballet teacher loooooved us! I don't remember much actual ballet during this time period, mostly just being ridiculous.
 And now we're in high school. This was for a choir thing that was 80's themed. I was super sick and had to sing "Take My Breath Away" sounding like a chain smoker. That was a sad time. But at least I looked totally radical in my belt and blazer.
 Aw, short-round and me on his first day of high school! Ryan is now 6 foot something and all studly, and serving a mission. I'm either a junior or senior in this picture... Can't remember. Love the pearl necklace with the t-shirt and ugly light jean shorts.
Senior year trip to NYC! We walked through a street fair and thought these glasses were hilarious at the time. Who knew we were spot on with future trends? We liked hipster glasses way before hipsters even knew they were ironically cool. Suck it, hipsters.
 And here's a picture of me and the Care Bear on our second date. I saw this picture and thought it wasn't very old, but holy smokes that was over 3 years ago! Time flies when you're having fun. And moving a lot.

Day 9: Piercings and Tattoos

This one will also be underwhelming, because I am extremely boring. I have my ears pierced. Sometime in the last few years, my ears decided to become allergic to everything on the planet besides white gold. I have a pair of diamond studs and a pair of white gold hoops, and that's all I ever wear. I can wear my other earrings for short periods of time, but if I wear them for more than a few hours, my ears get all nasty. Bummer dude.

I double pierced my ears probably 4 different times through high school/college. The rebellious urge would strike, but apparently only very slightly. I'd get my ears double pierced, feel all rebel-y, and then get bored and take them out after a couple of months. My earring holes close up really fast. My ears will still close up after a couple of days if I leave my earrings out. It's very strange.

I could never get a tattoo, because I tend to have ADD about things that I like. I can't imagine being 90 years old and being like, "Oh yes, I'm so glad I got this ice cream cone tattooed on my hip. It really represents me as a person, and the wrinkles make it look even more awesome." Also, I typically tend to steer clear of things that hurt.  

Day 10: First Celebrity Crush

Oh, how I loved the Backstreet Boys. When I was in elementary school, the cool thing to do was write the name of your favorite Backstreet Boy all over your Lisa Frank notebook. Which name did I have plastered over my glittery dolphin-ed folder?

It was very difficult to find a picture that captured the Nick Carter of my 4th grade dreams. Time really has not been kind to him. Yikes.
I was a major Backstreet Boy junkie. It was the great divide of my elementary school. You had your N'Sync groupies and your Backstreet Boy groupies. Like the sharks and jets. Only less knife fights and more squealing pre-teen girls.

Oh, Backstreet Boys. Oh, Nick Carter. You were my fire; my one desire.


  1. Just wanted to share an earring secret I learned for my super sensitive ears - put neosporin on them before you put them in your ears. It allows me to wear a pair of cute, cheap earrings all day with out itching or the nastiness that would result if I didn't...

  2. Haha nice. I'll admit I was an NSYNCer, but I listened to BSB whenever I felt like I needed a change. Ty & I have been wanting to (for some time, pretty much since we got married) to go caroling for Valentine's Day. And I mean, make heart shaped sugar cookies, and deliver them to people's houses and when they open the door start singing "I Want It That Way." Still haven't done it, but we are going to do it some day!