Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lame and cliche attempt to blog more regularly.

I'm doing one of those 31 days of blogging dealios. Yes, they are kind of lame but I am really lacking in blog fodder these days. My day-to-day just does not particularly lend itself to captivating blogs. Let's take a quick walk-through of my life these days:
7:30 Wake up and walk my dog.
8:30 Come home and read everything that there ever was on the internet. Perhaps flip channels. Procrastinate going to the gym. Maybe I'll paint my toenails. Do whatever chores need doing. Bother Abby while she's napping.
10:30 Grab a book and lay by the pool for a bit. Or go grocery shopping or something.
11:30 Drive on base and stop by the library. Head to the gym and work out forever.
2:00 Engage in my only productive activity of the day: Teach swim lessons two of the most precious little girls on the planet. Photo evidence:
Cute Kylie bug.
4:00 Procrastinate showering
5:30-7:30 Research housing in Spokane/Nursing school info/Scholarship and student loan stuff/possible employment and get really frustrated and decide to just quit and live in my car (which is now a much more viable proposition, seeing as we have the Rav 4 instead of my Honda Civic). Eventually decide that would be a bad idea, and do more research. Perhaps do some light stress crying. Angsty and dramatic phone call to parents optional.
7:30 Make dinner and hang out with my cute husband, as long as he isn't sleeping in preparation for a middle-of-the-night simulator flight.
11:00 Go to bed and start the whole process over again. It's a hard knock life.

I've decided to embrace the lazy summer, because I've made a pretty big step in my life and applied for nursing school at Washington State University, to hopefully start in January. I have 2 pre-reqs to take, and I'm taking them in Spokane starting at the end of August. So, I'm enjoying my lazy summer and refusing to feel guilty about it.

So, there. And it's my blog so I'll do a blog challenge if I want to. Perhaps it will just get me in the habit of blogging often, in which case I would consider it a success.

I stole this particular challenge from a friend's blog that I stalk occasionally follow. If anyone else out there feels like writing in their blog everyday for a month with strange prompts from this challenge thing, you could do it too and it would be like a thing. It would be radical. I don't have a business, so I'm skipping number 3. So really, it's a 30 day blog challenge. And I just remembered that I'm going on vacation in a week and a half, so the chances of me actually fulfilling this all in 30 concurrent days are nonexistent very slim  Oh well. I do what I want.
 Ok, so I guess it is introduction time. I am pretty sure that 90% of people who read this blog actually know the real life version of me. But not my viewership in Cambodia, because I don't know anyone in Cambodia. So to those in Cambodia, and those who found my blog through bizarre google searches, here's an introduction to yours truly.
This is me:
 And this is my husband:
 And this is my dog:

And we are all pretty weird.

Tune in tomorrow for 20 Fascinating Facts About Me. It's going to be wild.


  1. IT is strange that I feel slightly jealous that you're going straight into your masters (shortly after you finished your BS). I've been looking into doing counselor education at USF, and I am TIRED looking at even getting in, taking the GRE/GMAT (while using the brain power I've lost since I've let my brain go to mush not doing anything), jumping through what seems like hoops. And then I know when I get there (should I decide to pursue further education), I might feel like shooting myself for entertaining the idea in the first place. As with all things, I suppose thats what makes it worth it. Have fun!

  2. You are doing a horrible job at your 30 days of blogging, do you realize that? And you are not even on vacay yet. I was so excited to read 20 fascinating things about you!

  3. This makes me furiously happy because I *follow* your blog all the time!