Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things I am loving right now:

Dear Alexander,
I feel you.

In order to turn this frown upside down, I'm going to make a list of things that are currently getting two thumbs way up from this girl:

1. Friday Night Lights
Oh hello, guy who plays a high schooler but it's not creepy how much I love you.
Or more specifically, Tim Riggins. Meow. I needed a show to watch that Cary wouldn't want to watch so that I could watch it when he's studying and not distract him or tempt him to come watch with me. I chose Friday Night Lights, and to be honest, it took me several episodes to get into it, but I'm officially hooked. And so is Cary. It started with him standing next to the couch, scoffing at me for watching such ridiculousness, but over time it has morphed into him slowly squeezing onto the couch next to me and asking, "Wait, I thought she broke up with him, why are they making out?"

2. S'mores Ice Cream 
Oh, so delicious. Let us not discuss how many days this bad boy lasted in the Reeves' household until it was gone. I've been battling a nagging cold for the last 2 weeks, and on one day my sore throat demanded that I have ice cream for dinner, and who am I to argue with that?

3. Mario Kart

I am getting really good. Come over. I will destroy you on Koopa Cape. But don't even try to play Rainbow Road or freakin' Wario's Goldmine. Not in my house.

4. This hilarious photo of my husband on our honeymoon that I recently re-discovered.

Isn't he so cute? Don't you just want to kiss him? Ok, that part's probably just me. Which is probably for the best.

5. Sharpie Pens
I love to write lists. I love to write in my planner. I love to write everything. And nothing brings me more happiness than a great pen. I have found perfection in the form of these Sharpie pens. Anybody want a letter? I will write you one and you can marvel at how great my handwriting is with these Sharpie pens. I would exhort anyone who enjoys the feel of a good pen to go out and purchase one of these lovelies, with haste.

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I've been re-reading this while on the bike and oh boy do I love it. I usually only ride the bike for 10 or 15 minutes to loosen my legs up after running, but I've been clocking 30 or 40 minute bike sessions lately because I just don't want to stop reading! I'm also reading The Book Theif, but it's not gripping me the way I expected it to. But I'm only a few chapters into it.

7. Frozen Peaches and Smores Luna Bars

Post- Run breakfast of champions right there. I eat this for breakfast probably 5 times a week. Mmm. In the same vein, I am looooving running in the morning these days. The temperature is perfect, and when I'm done running, I don't look like I just jumped in a pool. Delightful.

8. Sonic Vanilla Diet Coke

Don't look at me like that. I don't need your judgment. I'm just telling it like it is. If loving Diet Coke is wrong, I don't want to be right. Diet Coke 4 LYFE. (DC4L, it'll catch on).

9. Modern Family

Cary and I are obsessed. We order it through Nexflix, and the day we get it in the mail is like Christmas. Side note: Dear people of Netflix (who obviously read my blog),
Get your act together. What was that Quikster joke about? And how about you add more movies that actually made it into movie theaters and less weird anime XXX films.
The Reeves.


The temperatures are more in the 80s and less in the 100s, which is still very far from fall in my opinion, but wearing pants is becoming less disgusting and sweaters and apple cider are just around the corner (humor me, experienced Texans). Halloween candy lines the shelves and carving pumpkins is already written in my planner (with my sharpie pens). The house is decorated with halloween and fall decor and I've been lighting a delicious pumpkin spice candle which always disappoints my husband when he discovers that I am not actually baking a pumpkin pie. My seeeester is having her baby girl at the end of November and I get to go Colorado to hold my new niece and be in the snow and YAY! So many happy occassions are coming upon us! This is my favorite time of year!

Hey look, it worked! I'm happy, and I'm done with work!


  1. 1. modern family is awesome. it just doesn't come fast enough in the mail on netflix!!!!

    2. i do not play rainbow road or the gold mine either. i hate those too.

    3. i love lists of loves. =)

  2. I will probably be going out and buying Sharpie pens asap. I was just thinking the other day how badly I need some good pens for my list making. And Dave and I love modern family!!!

  3. I am sad you are still battling a sore throat. Hope you recover soon. Chloe and I went to Target yesterday and picked up a gift for your new neice. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  4. Is that fball player in FNL the guy who plays Remy Lebeau on Xmen? I am pretty sure he is the reason I liked that Xmen wolverine origins movie. It is sad he wasn't in it more. Whats his name in real life anyway?

    I was just in CO for Time Out For Women. It snowed a lot when I was there last Friday. I was a little upset. But other than that, the fall weather was pretty cool & crisp. Not sure when I will be there, but I do not think I will be there for Thanksgiving. When are you going to be there for Christmas?

  5. List of My Loves:

    #1: Amy's Blog. It makes me happy. Need I say more?