Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The last week of my life at work

According to the 4-pictures-in-a-row option I just discovered on photobooth on my computer:

 Left to right, from top: Grrrr. Aww man... Huh? Whatev!
And then I went on a roller coaster. 

Computers are fun.

And I need a hobby. 

More substantial updates to come; pending less "Grr" and more "whatev!" moments at work...


  1. The last post on my blog was a bunch of pictures that I took of myself on photobooth.

    I guess it's just what all the cool kids are doing. :)

  2. I try to get Ty to play with this feature with me, but he is less than cooperative (if you can see the one profile pic I had). Its funner when you have company :)