Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stinkin' cute.

You guys.

My family just got a new baby black lab puppy and it is actually physically painful how much I want to go play with her! Just look at this cute little ball of fur:

And for extra cute-ness, check out this video of the new puppy (Lily) playing with my number one favorite home dog, Kola! Awww I just love them so much,
I can't even handle it when Lily stands up on her hind legs with her paws in the air and topples over. I just wanna grab her out of the computer and cuddle with her!

On a related note, why do I think puppies are cuter than babies? I wish so badly that this was not the case. If I saw someone with a little puppy, I would run over to them and pay them 20 dollars to let me go hold and play with the puppy for a few hours. On the contrary, if someone wanted me to play with and hold their baby for a few hours, I might want them to pay me to do so. Not really, but you get the point. This concerns me.


  1. Amy! She is adorable! We feel lucky we got to play with her for a few days! What a treat!!!! And you are so right, going up to a complete stranger to pet their puppy is an irresistable thing, human babies....not so much. ;-)

  2. We just had here for a few days and she is the best puppy ever. However, baby humans don't have puppy breath.

  3. Don't worry; that preferring puppies over babies is something that will eventually go away. And you will feel this way about your nieces and nephews, and then you'll start realizing how much cuter your babies will be than everyone else's and that is when you'll start wanting to have a baby more than wanting a puppy.