Friday, September 16, 2011



A list.

Questions I have asked myself lately, and wished I did not have cause to ponder

At least I never have to ask these kinds of questions. Man, people are weird.

1. Why does my toothbrush taste strange?

2. Do they make medication for dogs with horrible smelling and excessive gas?

3. How long have I been wearing my shirt inside out?

4. Did anyone see me walk straight into that glass door?

5. What is in that tupperware? Is it alive?

6. How many calories are in that quarter of a bag of milk chocolate chips that I accidently ate while watching a very stressful episode of Heroes?

7. If I can hear my neighbor's TV on when it's quiet in my house does that mean that they can hear us... discussing our finances...and... other...marital activities?

8. Why is that old lady wearing a belly shirt to the gym? Is this in style? Please, please, don't ever let belly shirts be in style again.

9. How do I turn off the bleeping smoke alarm!?!

10. If I died from boredom at work, with my eyes open and sitting in my office chair, how long would it take someone to notice? It could be days.


  1. And that is why I called in sick to work today. So I could not die of boredom and instead blog stalk you! (Actually, I called in because I was afraid the gravitational pull of my ginormous cankles would bring disaster to one and all.)
    PS- Clarence had horrible gas once upon a time and we switched him to Purina One and now he is fine.

  2. I just found your blog and I have to say I love it! Hope you don't mind if I become your new follower! :) You are one funny lady! Thanks for making my day with your posts! I will definitely be checking back in! Thanks again! Have a great day!

  3. our first neighbors in del rio, we couldn't hear at all. the second ones we could all the time. but not that.. we don't think. but well, it's possible. lol. we have alawys lived in apartments/duplexes, and i've wondered the same thing for 5 yrs. lol

  4. Is it bad we did not care one bit if they could hear us or not? He was by himself for a while, and sometimes I told Ty maybe we should be loud on purpose to get him to move rooms. I don't know if it ever worked because we never heard him. Google auto fill (is that what its called?) is always funny. Sometimes I'll stop what I'm typing just to see what comes up. It's almost always really funny. :)