Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Procrastination Station

I only have to write 7 more pages and I am done with all assignments in my undergraduate degree. I started off the day right- I went on a 6 mile run with the Abberooni without falling down and came home, folded laundry, cleaned up the house a bit, and jumped in the shower. And then I sat in my towel-dress for 2 hours watching a movie. No matter, it was only noon and I could definitely recover from my less-than-scholarly morning by committing to a riveting afternoon of research-paper-writing. ... Right after I go to the store. After all, it was absolutely pertinent that I replace my toothbrush rightthatveryinstant. (Tangent: Is there anything better than the first time you brush your teeth with a brand new toothbrush? Ok, there are a few things, but it's still up there on my list of little joys in life). After picking up my toothbrush and several other impulse purchases, I decided I'd better go to the grocery store, while I was out and about. Saving gas, you know. After all of those errands, it was suddenly 4:00 in the afternoon. I could power through the evening and get this paper done. But first I decided I'd better practice piano for accompanying the church choir in the Easter program on Sunday (don't even get me started on that one). And then the hubs came home with all sorts of unreasonable demands concerning being fed after his 12 hour day. After eating dinner and perhaps a quick wii-boxing throw down, during which I suffered a debilitating elbow injury, I finally settled down to write my paper... at 7:30. Of course, who can write a paper without writing a quick blog soliloquy regarding the entire creative process of writing The Worst Research Paper Known to Man. But now that this blog post is written, there is nothing stopping me from cranking out that sonuvagun right here and now. That is, right after I drink a quick Diet Coke. And maybe play tug-of-war with Abby.

Also: As soon as I am done with escuela, and after I have spent a week forgetting everything I've ever learned and letting my brain turn into porridge, I would like to read a book that no one will test me on or make me write a paper about. Any book suggestions from the peanut gallery? Pretty please?


  1. The Time Traveler's Wife :) My favorite.

  2. hahahaha i am sooooo glad i'm done independent study! i'm sorry you had to do so much of it! i also have to have the house clean in order for me to do any work. and for me, the last day of classes is tomorrow. booyah. i'm stoked.

    p.s. i cannot wait to see you next week.

  3. hmm. i like the shop a holic lady. a little bit o swearing, but not too bad, really, i promise.

    harry potter.

    again and again?

    i don't know. i like easy reads, haha.

  4. My life story amy..slash my personal favorites?

    The host by stephanie meyer
    The hunger games by suzanne collins
    The gaurdian by nicholas sparks
    The choice by nicholas sparks

  5. Ignore all suggestions but this - "the tornado ashes club." I think kt might still have my copy

  6. The newest newberry book is good. Kinda weird at first, but good. Moon Over Manifest by Claire Vanderpool. Its a kid book, so... it won't take a lot of effort to read. And there's no vampire business in it, which is an added bonus.

    You make me laugh. Thanks again for saving me from la cucaracha.