Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I scwaped my knee and it huwts.

After deciding on a topic for my last research paper and starting my research, I came to a dead-end and couldn't find all 15 sources that I needed. So I had to pick a new topic and start aaaaaallllll over. After much whining and crying and gnashing of teeth, I finally found all 15. All I have to do now is write the dang thing, and I am done with school.

Naturally, I have decided it is a good time for a bloggin' break.

Mostly because I wanted to whine about my faceplant this morning. 
It started as a lovely morning jog. I was feeling like pretty hot stuff, as I had recently passed another jogger. The fact that the other jogger was an 80 year old woman is completely irrelevant. The point is, I was feeling good as the morning commuters drove past. I was 2 1/2 miles away from our house when suddenly gravity overcame me and I became intimately acquainted with the side walk. I couldn't even blame it on Abby this time. She had been running very nicely by my side, and was now staring at me in a most confused manner as I lay sprawled across the sidewalk. Instead I think I will blame it on the fact that "Baby Got Back" had just come on my iPod and I was distracted by the sick beats. I'm fairly certain that I heard the man mowing in his yard across the street stifle a giggle. After I picked the gravel out of my hands and knee and thigh, I debated walking home, but walking 2 1/2 miles takes forever, so I decided to be a big tough girl and run the rest of the way home. I felt pretty hardcore, running home with blood dripping down my arms and legs. I got some strange looks. When I finally made it home, I procrastinated taking a shower for a good long while, because I didn't want to get soap in my boo-boos. But eventually my odor overcame me and I cleaned up, and now my battle wounds do not look nearly as impressive.

I will spare you a photo of the road rash on my upper thigh. And also of my bloody toe. Because no one wants to see that.

Welp, now that you all are feeling appropriately sorry for me, I'm going to go write my gol' darn paper. I am stating for the record that I am not allowed to waste time on the internet until I am done with my paper. Pinky promise.


  1. I can't promise that I wouldn't have laughed either. :-) Its kinda like when people fall on the ice in Idaho/Utah, and you can't help but laugh. But to be polite, you ignore the fact that they fell to make them feel less awkward than they already do for falling on their butts. :) Sorry you had to endure this one! You should have taken pictures of the battle wounds before you cleaned up!

  2. i do feel appropriately sorry for you. however, this post made me realize a few things:

    1 - i am the equivalent of an 80 year-old woman. i always get passed by other joggers.
    2 - this is one perk of running with a stroller: you get to hold on to it. i need that stability.
    3 - i can't remember what #3 was, but congratulations on (almost) being done with school!

  3. Way to be a trooper! Not gonna lie, I probably would've walked home and them limped around the house that night begging for sympathy. ;)