Saturday, January 29, 2011


 Introducing a unique collection on photos that I like to call
The Best $1 I Ever Spent"

My name is Amy. 

And I really like food

 And this is what I'm going to look like in 20 years

... Maybe more like 2 years. 
Here is my handsome brother, Brent. He can eat 2 Chipotle burritos without even breaking a sweat.

  Someday his metabolism will slow down. (And it will be a joyous day for those of us without such blessed metabolisms.)

 This is my widdle brudder Josh. He makes this face a lot. It's pretty funny...

 ... But it would be even funnier if he weighed 500 lbs.

And here is my other widdle brudder Yanr. His real name is Ryan but I can't remember the last time I called him that. He is cute and the ladies love him.

Feast your eyes on the future, ladies.

Fat Booth is alternately hilarious and horrifying. I should post these pictures on my fridge to remind me to keep my grubby fingers out of there. 
Will you guys still be my friend when I look like this?


  1. :) Nice. I don't know if random guys will be your friend when you look like that, but I know Cary will stick around forever. And thats what counts! :) When I was in college, we'd rip Victoria's secret pages out and stick them on the fridge. I guess you could go for scaring yourself... or for motivation to stay your size ;)

  2. Haha, I just realized that I typed "will guys still be my friend" instead of "will you guys still be my friend". oops. it sounds really weird if i am asking if random guys want to be my friend, haha.

  3. Oh my goodness these are a riot. Amazing.

  4. My brother definitely has this app. It's hilarious.