Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boy do I love lists.

I think the reason I always write things in lists is because my brain jumps from topic to topic so quickly and so often that I find transitional sentences to be cumbersome. How in the world would one properly segue from sleep-talking to puppies? Until I figure it out, here is an extremely important document chronicling my thoughts at the current moment.

1. A few nights ago, I fell asleep in our bed while watching a movie. I fell asleep on Cary's side of the bed, and apparently in the middle of the night I shook Cary awake violently and demanded that he switch places with me because his side of the bed was too hot.

2. I want to get a lab puppy and I want to name him Dudley. This is largely because I want to call him Dudders and Duddykins, ala Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter. We won't be getting another dog for a long time, but I'm writing it down so that when we do, I will remember that I want to name him Dudley.

3. I tried to stop buying Bluebell ice cream. I have absolutely no self control around the stuff and so I decided it can't be in our house anymore. I lasted almost a month. We bought some this week. In my defense, we were having some friends over, and I wasn't about to serve sub-par ice cream. Why does that darn ice cream always gotta be singing its siren song from the freezer? Why is there no melodious singing coming from my bag of carrots?

4. For the last week or two, every time I go running with Abby, about a mile or 2 out, I suddenly have a desperate need for the ladies room. I don't know why this keeps happening to me. When I stop and walk, I feel fine, but then as soon as I try to run again, I feel like I might embarrass myself. So I have to awkwardly jog/shuffle/speed walk home. Why for is this happening to me?? As a result of not being able to finish our usual long runs for the last bit combined with Bluebell ice cream coming back into my life, my jeans are feelin' tight. Rats.

5. I recently took over the BodPod measurements at my internship. My job is basically to shove people inside the little BodPod egg, push some buttons and then let them tell me that it's wrong when I tell them their body fat percentage. There is just no pleasing these people! One guy came in this morning and his body fat ended up being pretty high, and I thought that he might start crying. Sorry, pal. And then another guy got mad because he said that it was too low. For crying out loud! Don't kill the messenger, homies!

6. I have my American Heritage final on Friday. I have been studying for 2 weeks and I have studied 4 out of 22 chapters. Obviously now is the most appropriate time to be bloggin'.

7. The Care Bear started pilot training today! I love that guy. I'm going to miss having him around all of the time. He's my favorite. Also, we made the most amazing breakfast burritos of all time yesterday. I wanted to adopt one and keep it forever.... ? But I ate it instead. Also again, we are on the final level of Mario on the wii. And when I say we I mean I am because Cary is horrible at Mario and is always making us die. I used to be embarrassed that I was so good at Mario but now I'm embracing it, peeps. I'm not hiding that talent under a bushel any longer, my friends.

8. Who decided that khakis are professional looking? I have to wear khakis for my internship and I hate it. They make my legs look like giant, fatty vienna sausages. I feel that this really diminishes my credibility. Who wants wellness advice from someone with sausage legs? No one.

And on that note, I'll think I'll go study the Founding Fathers some more.


  1. i love reading your lists. they crack me up. and i agree with you about khakis. and dress pants in general. and yet, i still wear skinny jeans knowing they make my legs look absolutely lovely. =)

    also, i stink at mario. you=awesome. please come visit me soon before i run off to california and have no friends ever again.

  2. You make me laugh. I'm not even sure if I could pin point one specific thing on your list.

    And enjoy phase 1. Its amazing compared to the other 2!!!

  3. if only we still lived there... we were getting pretty good at mario... :)

  4. and you're right. khakis are HORRIBLE. i wonder where they came from... maybe i'll google their history.

    good luck on your test!