Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dog Ownership, Take 2

Sorry for the bad cell phone pics...

After the whole freaky and insanely hyper puppy incident, we decided to go with a more seasoned canine companion. Cue Abby. Abby is a 2-3 year old yellow lab and she is great. She loves to go on walks and chew her toys into tiny pieces. Her most impressive accomplishment yet is the complete destruction of a golf ball in 2 minutes. She is tons of fun and such a nice dog. When people come over, she gets all crazy and hyper, but you can usually find her sprawled out on the floor, snoozing away. We call her our interactive floor rug. We like her.

Snoozing on the way home from Colorado
But I do wish Abby would refrain from her nightly it's-3 a.m.-look-how-many-annoying-and-loud-noises-I-can-make session. She has all day to lick her paws, snort, sneeze, pant, roll around, and grunt, but she still decides that 3 a.m. is an excellent time to engage in all of these activities. We keep trying to get her to sleep in the living room, but instead she crumbles into a pathetic heap outside of our door and whines all night. Dogs. I like her anyway.

What is that? You'd like to hear another hilarious anecdote about Abby? If you insist. We hook up our computer to the TV to watch Netflix, and every time the cursor moves on the screen, Abby lunges at the TV and tries to eat it. When the cursor disappears, she goes to look for it behind the TV. We thought this was hilarious until we noticed all of the dog slobber and nose prints on our TV. Live and learn.

P.S. I still think it's funny.

We made Cafe Rio burritos and salads on Sunday when some friends came over for dinner. I made tons of it and we had lots of leftovers. That means we've been having Cafe Rio leftovers for the last 3 days which= all of my pants are very tight.

I like to think that I am not a horrible cook. I have a few tasty things I know how to make, and I am usually competent enough to read a recipe. But for the life of me, I can not nail chocolate chip cookies. This week I spent an embarrassingly long time scouring the internets for the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Satisfied that I had found THE recipe, I set out to make them. And guess what. They are not that good. My cookies are always either super flat or super cakey, neither of which is desirable. It pains me to say this, but thus far my favorite chocolate cookie is the kind that come from refrigerated cookie dough. All I want in life is to be able to make a bomb diggity chocolate chip cookie. Is that too much to ask?


  1. ummm i LOVE the break and bake cookies. so much. when levi was sick last week i may have bought some for "us" and then in turn eaten all 12 of them in 2ish days. it was pathetic. but so so so delicious.

    and i like your dog. haha.

  2. haha you sound like me! I can never get my chocolate chip cookies to turn out! everything else yes, but chocolate chip cookies. i finally found 2 recipes that sometimes work for me. if you want either or them, let me know!

  3. Thats funny. I love messing with animals (my favorite is a laser pointer). We used to do that to my sister's cat (I know I said I hate cats, and I do... but it was just too much fun messing with this cat). Once Cary starts UPT, you'll have plenty of opportunities to bake and send the rest with him to class.

    I don't make chocolate chip cookes bc I don't really like chocolate that much... but one thing that can make them too flat is how old your ingredients are. If they "expire", sometimes that effects its puffiness (or lack thereof). Baking soda is a big one. That is what messed up my snickerdoodles when I was making them and it wasn't working :P

  4. You should try these- super light and fluffy

    Also try these, i always trust Pioneer Woman -
    (i would obviously leave out the flax seeds and the coffee)

    I have a couple recipes, one for my mom's chocolate chips and one for my grandma's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies if you want more options

    Good luck!