Friday, August 26, 2011

Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal.

It is Friday! I only have to work for half of the day! In 35 more minutes, I will be off and I'm planning on getting me a big' ol' fountain Diet Coke, doing some leisurely mid-day grocery shopping (which is a true delight, since I usually have to go at 4:00, and at that time, going to Wal-Mart in Del Rio makes me feel like I am leaving the United States), and catching up on some important educational and edifying programming on Netflix (not to be read as: Teen Mom). Today is awesome, and nothing can put me in a bad mood.

Not even crossing paths with the same dude on 5 different occassions on my run this morning. How many times can you exchange tight-lipped smiles and head nods without it becoming uncomfortable? I will tell you that it is less than 5.

And I'm not going to dwell on the fact that I discovered a huge spider in my sports bra upon my return from said run. I'm moving on! Can't get me down on Friday.

And I will not allow the awkward moment that happened a few minutes ago to phase me in the slightest. I took quick bathroom break. I was washing my hands and noticed too late that there was water all over the counter, and thus, water all over my pants. Naturally, I decided to fix this unfortunate looking splash via squatting awkwardly under the hand dryer. During this entire journey of going to the bathroom, checking out my hair in the mirror, washing my hands- no one had entered the bathroom. But of the course the moment I am drying off the crotch of my pants under the hand dryer, 3 different ladies all came in and gave me that "so tragic" look.

I don't even care that someone in the near vicinity of me keeps clearing their throat and honking their nose and it is making me a bit nauseous. I'm outta hear in 29 minutes and homeboy and his gross nasal situation are not coming with me.

Nope, instead I am focusing on Diet Coke and trashy television induced bliss that is coming my way in approximately 22 more minutes.

Three cheers of the weekend!

Also: I ran 5 miles in sub 45 minutes, which might sound pathetic to people who are good at running, but has been a goal of mine for a long time now... Holler back.

Also again: Husband update: After a week of battling airsickness, throwing up in the plane, being spun around in the horrible-sounding barany chair, and having an in-flight emergency and making an emergency landing in Abilene, Texas, he is finally starting to enjoy flying the T-1. And also, he makes the best breakfast sandwich in the world.

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  1. Um... I think the spider in my sports bra would have been a nightmare. Seriously, every time I go down into the garage, I get freaked out that I might reach around the door to turn the light on and find a huge daddy long leg on my hand (I saw one on the light switch the other night when I came home).

    I'm glad for you though, that you can be that chipper after having such an event. I think that I'm becoming an adult, because I find things like MTV more and more repulsive as time goes on. I'm seriously turning into my YW leaders, bc I shop at Kohl's and all I watch on TV is HGTV, DIY network, and Law & Order. Although I still get a kick out of the Soup.