Friday, June 10, 2011


I have been at work for 3 entire hours now, and I have been doing actual work the entire time. What a rush. But now I have run out of things to do, and have returned to facebook and blog stalking. I sat down to my computer and I was about to type "facebook" into the browser when my phone rang. I picked it up and said, "Facebook center, this is Amy!" instead of "Fitness Center, this is Amy!" It was not among my best moments of the day thus far.

But you know what is right at the top? I went on the most amazing run this morning. I woke up to a wet nose prodding at my hand, accompanied by an excited whine and occasional slobbery kiss. That Cary sure is weird in the mornings! Only joking. Abby is one smart pooch, and she knows when it's time for us to wake up and head out the door for our run. I rolled out of bed, threw my hair into a messy ponytail and groggily gathered my running gear. By the time I was buckling my watch, Abby could barely contain herself. She was running in circles around me, whining and barking and just generally presenting far too much energy for such an early hour in the morning. That's why I love running with her. How can you say no to that? And then, because I am a cruel person, I sat on the couch with her leash in my hand for just a minute. Just waiting; curious to know if the anticipation might cause her to actually spontaneously combust. 

Right as Abby was on the verge of having a complete meltdown, I laced my beloved and muddy Aasics, put Abby on the leash and ran out the door into the still-dark 6:00 a.m. morning. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was starting to peek out and the streets were silent. The morning was warm and comfortable, and I felt strong and healthy as I jogged around my usual route. It just felt perfect, happily running along and watching Abby hop up and down as little bunny bums ducked around corners.

I sort of had a realization. While I was running, I wasn't thinking about my rounder-than-I'd-like stomach or thighs that continue to grow despite my wishes. I wasn't worrying about my hair or my messy house or any of the little worries that tend to occupy my brain. I was just grateful. Grateful for a body that can run long distances and do anything I want it to do. It may not be perfectly shaped, but it is functioning perfectly right now; pumping blood and breathing hard and carrying me where I want to go. Grateful for a safe place to live and a nice home with a cool shower to come home to. Grateful for my furry friend, who motivates me to run and always jogs happily by my side. Grateful for my not-as-furry but equally as cute husband. Just grateful to be alive.

When I run on the treadmill, I often watch the news. Sometimes it really gets me down. So many tragedies and so much sadness in the world. And when I watch Judge Judy, I just get concerned about the large volume of morons that inhabit this planet of ours. (Seriously, have you ever watched that show? It is hilarious slash very worrisome.) Anyway. This is a long and rambly way of saying, that even though I'm slow and I get really sweaty and I'm never going to win any prizes for it, running is one of the most important parts of my day. It clears my head and brings much needed perspective into my life. Whether you like to run, walk, ride bikes, or whatever, the power of getting outside and working hard for a little bit is tremendous. It is such a simple but potent reminder that there is oh so much to be grateful for.


  1. I am very impressed that you run at 6 in the morning! I wish I had a dog to take on runs with me up here at school... maybe that would get my rear in gear in the morning to go running... too bad we are not allowed to have pets while we are living in apartments here. I would totally have a dog if they allowed it. I love moments when you are running and you feel grateful for something that you usually take for granted, its a humbling experience

  2. I hear you sister! Glad you didn't have to lose anything (a leg or something) to be grateful that you can run. I am always more grateful when I lose something, which is sad. My foot is starting to hurt again. It randomly started hurting the other morning :( but I think I can still run. Hope you have a good day!

  3. What a wonderful post, Amy Lynn. You make my heart happy - along with your furry Abby and your not so furry hubby. I can't wait to see you!!!

  4. I completely agree! I'm not depressed, but I still love to call exercise my Prozac. It's amazing how breaking a sweat outside can completely change your perspective, mood, or day.

    Ps I wish I could run half as long as you do!

  5. What a great post about the beauties of nature, our bodies and being alive. My favorite part was the part about the morons who inhabit the planet. That makes me laugh. I've met a few of them, but thankfully we don't hang out together! It was fun seeing your family this weekend. They are the greatest (and thankfully not moronic)!