Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clever Title

I am currently suffering from a raging case of writer's block. But it has been ages since I wrote in ye olde bloggy, so here's a boring and awkwardly worded life update coming atcha.

Last week, my brothers came to visit me in Tay-has! A good time was had by all. We ate the most amazing tortillas in the world at Alamo Cafe (soooo insanely good) checked out the planes at the flightline, played with Abby, made and consumed a very large amount of Oreo truffles, played card games, swam at the lake and the pool, watched Demetri Martin (so funny), ate Bluebell, played Wii and loved life. I just love those goofy brothers. It was so fun having them here. It was slightly less fun driving to San Antonio 3 times in one week. A lot of Diet Coke was consumed. Here is about the only picture we took the whole time, because I am terrible at remembering to take pictures:
Adventure is out there!

 And now for a list.

Things that are currently bugging me.
I chose to include a picture of a cartoon roach, because I don't want to look at a real roach staring at me on my blog.
1. Roaches. Literally, buggin' me. I have found 3 roaches in the last 3 weeks, which is about 3 too many for my taste. What gives?? The Orkin man came and walked around our house, and I assumed he was actually doing something and not just admiring the lovely weed collection that surrounds our house. I also sprayed with Home Defense. But those dumb things keep popping up, and nowhere is safe! I have also found an absurd amount of rolly pollies in my house. Why? Add in a handful of small spiders and one big daddy mutant spider, and I am one bug sighting away from carrying a can of Raid in my purse at all times.
 2. I had to get some blood drawn yesterday, and the guy had to stab me 3 times!!! And the first 2 times, he stuck the needle in and then proceeded to dig around and fish around for my vein. Every time I flinched he'd be like, "Everything okay?" Why yes, everything is just dandy. In fact, I really enjoy having a needle digging around inside of my arm, thank you for asking. I got the blood test down right before I was going to go to the gym, so I had to run on the treadmill with 3 bandages on my arms.

3. Yesterday I also had to do a lift test, where I was supposed to do a clean and press with 100 lbs. This made zero sense to me. I sit at a desk all day. When in the world during my work day would it be necessary for me to pick up 100 pounds off of the floor and lift it over my head?? I can not fathom why this would happen. "Oh no, somebody come quick and lift this enormous cooler full of gatorade over your head or everyone running the 5k is going to die!!!" I just can't see this happening. It was also a serious struggle for me. My arms embarrassingly weak.

4. I was supposed to have access to my work computer a week and a half ago. And here I am, still with no computer access. And it is not looking like it will happen anytime in the near future. So I continue to sit at my desk for 8 hours a day, stalking facebook and reading cooking blogs. Consequently, I am starving and not feeling enthusiastic about my turkey sandwich lunch. I honestly feel bad that I am getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. Oh well.

5. I fried my back in a major way while we were at the lake this week, and now I am peeling like crazy. The principle reason that this bugs me is that I am peeling on my back, where I can't even have the satisfaction of peeling it off. Don't lie, I know at least some of you out there enjoy peeling sunburns too.

And to end this blog on a positive note, I will share a recent small victory of mine. I finally succeeded in walking off with one of my boss's awesome pens. He has these great pens in his office and he watches them like a hawk. If you use one, he doesn't take his eyes off of you until you put it back. A great majority of the pens in my office work only very sporadically, and I have definitely had my eye on one of his pens, but of course I would never straight up steal one. I just realized a few minutes ago that I accidentally left his office with one of his pens still inside of my folder.  I'm keeping it forever.


  1. Thats the unfortunate thing about Del Rio. In the summer months, the roaches go crazy like they think its time to come out & party. I H.A.T.E. it. I actually kind of dread cleaning out our house because I'm afraid of what lurks behind closed doors. After all, we haven't lived there for a whole month!

  2. Courtney AthertonJune 8, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    My mom got me hooked on reading your blogs, they are hilarious. I am sitting here alone in an empty house laughing out loud about your newly acquired pen!