Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hace calor

This just in.

The air conditioning is currently broken at my work. It is approximately 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit in my office. And roughly 15,000 degrees outside. I wish I could go do my "work" outside in my car, with the air conditioning on. It is hotter'n tarnation here in Del Rio.

The situation has led me to ponder my current hair situation. I have a lot of hair. It's really thick and it takes forever to dry and straighten, only to have to look like a dirty blonde mop on my head. Blow drying my hair is a continual source of strife for me. I dry and dry, getting all flushed and overheated in the process, and just when I think I'm done, I always find a still-damp clump in the back of my head that refuses to dry and insists on releasing unruly and unattractive frizzy curls. When it is hot, it becomes a matted and disgusting sweaty mess, plastered against the back of my neck. Wasn't that a nice thought? What should I do with it? Should I chop it off? Should I keep growing it out, perpetuating my continual delusion that one day I will magically turn into Blake Lively?
That is just not even fair. Go eat a donut.
Should I cut it shoulder length, which I always want to look awesome, but always makes my hair vaguely Christmas tree shaped?
Hate her, but love her hair.
 Perhaps I should be brave and actually do something different to my hair for once?
I don't even know who this is? But her hair is hot.
Or maybe something like this?
I don't know who she is either, but I am also digging her hair.
Or perhaps I will just shave it all off.
Britney Spears is so weird.
Please save me from my mop head and tell me what I should do. Grow it out? Cut it off? Shave it? Eat a donut and continue sitting around and hating Blake Lively for raising the bar so unrealistically high?


  1. There are a few things I heart about having long hair. When I don't feel like doing it, I throw it up in a messy bun. Although I know you shower in the morning, I shower at night, throw it up in a messy bun, and then I sleep on it wet. When I awake in the morning, all I have to do to make it not look like bed head is put a few curls in. If you cut it short, you will need to do it. Sure, it will take less time, but pulling it up can be difficult (if it is on the shorter side) if you happen to not want to do your hair that day. That is all. The only suggestion I would have is to not shave your head. Biased I am, but I like the top one the most.

  2. hair cuts are always somewhat disappointing to me because they only change my hair. they don't make me lose 15 pounds and give me natural color in my skin. oh well.

    now, with that said, i say chop it off! you'll never know if you like it unless you try. and generally speaking, hair grows back. so if you hate it, at least you know. i hate getting my hair cut and coming home and realize i look exactly the same. i will say, i miss the ease of the messy bun. but i was also super tired of the messy bun/pony tail.

    and seriously, if there was ever a place to do something crazy to your hair, it's del rio. if you hate it, just say you went to a place in town and they messed it up. then people will feel sorry for you. it might be lying, but you might get some sympathy cookies out of it.

    and hot hair lady #1 is always one that i pull up when i want to get my hair cut. i think that is how i was supposed to look. not sure what happened.

    i'm going to end this comment before it gets any worse...

  3. Let's see here..... my hair is finally as long as messy bun potential and I love it. I do agree with you in saying that straightening it sucks, because I always have that clump too!! My go to solution now is parting it down the middle and using a big curling iron on big chunks so it gives me semiwavy-not totally curled hair. Takes me two minutes literally.

    That being said, I hate blake lively. She's so hot all the freaking time. I don't really dig nicole richies hair, you have to be 70 lbs to pull off the "curled under look"... the other girl is on the hills... kristen... and she's a hoe. I do like her hair though. All in all I have no suggestions. I've had my hair short for several years now and I hated having to do it everyday otherwise I look like crap. However now that its longer, I still put it in a ponytail everyday lol sooooo I'm not a good hair picker lol