Monday, May 16, 2011

Dos cosas para compartir

I have 2 thoughts to share.

1. When I was flying to Utah for graduation, I went to the li-berry to get some books to entertain me on all of the flights. I came home and showed Cary the books I picked out, and he was absolutely appalled that I was planning on taking library books with me on my trip. With his eyes nearly bugging out of his head and his eyebrows deeply furrowed in concern for my future, he asked, "What will you do if you accidentally leave them in the airplane?? Or forget about them at your parent's house?? You can't take library books out of the state! You will get in huge trouble!" I told him that if something happened to the books, I would probably pay a fee or buy the library a new book. For some reason this was not an acceptable solution to him, and he was convinced that I would need to flee to the border in order to save myself from certain imprisonment. He was absolutely baffled at my nonchalant attitude towards the library's precious books. I told him that either way, I would be just fine. The border is only 4 miles away, after all. What can I say, I have an extreme propensity for living dangerously. Why, just this morning I ate a yogurt that was TWO DAYS past its expiration date. It was wild. For some reason, Cary's distress about my possible future as a fugitive of the state amused me to no end.

2. The amount of hoops I am required to jump through in order to start my job just makes no sense to me. Why on earth would I have to prove that I can lift 100 pounds, so that I can begin my job, where I will sit behind a desk all day? I don't understand the relevance. Today I finally finished the insane background investigation that I'm required to complete. It took me forever to round up my 2nd grade teacher's dog's veterinarian's name and all the other nonsense that I needed. After all of this, I will hopefully be qualified and deemed trustworthy enough to be in charge of the 5k races on base. Because heaven knows that if that kind of power ended up in the wrong hands, absolute chaos would ensue.

And thus concludes my two cents.


  1. I take library books out of state all the time. He's the one flying airplanes 10 feet apart. I think HE is the crazy one.

    "this morning I ate a yogurt that was TWO DAYS past its expiration date." We don't do this anymore, because DH did it once, and suffered a terrible tummy ache. We don't live those crazy days anymore.

  2. As your friendly base librarian I would like to add my two cents....Library books are meant to be enjoyed and that means you must take them with you so you can enjoy them! I hearby promise to never hunt you down or force you to flee into Mexico. On base, you technically don't get a late fee--we just bombared your hubby with obnoxious e-mails telling him that you forgot to turn your books in and could he please make sure it gets done? If you happen to lose a book, you just have to replace it. And if you're really really REALLY lucky, you'll get to be good friends with the librarian and she'll just extend your loan period so you don't have to worry about anything. :)

  3. Hahahaha...thanks for making my day again!!