Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lazy hair don't care

This is probably my most random blog post of all time. But I've had a lot of people ask me about dry shampoo lately, and I wanted to share my ultimate lazy and cheap hair hack. I'm a girl who likes to look good, but is also extremely lazy. I also have dry and damaged hair from constant heat styling and coloring abuse (sorry hair), so I usually only wash my hair 2-3 times per week. Don't worry, I shower every day, I just don't wash my hair! My husband finds this absolutely disgusting, but he's not the boss of my life. Anywho. On days that my hair isn't being washed, it's limp and greasy and it is not cute. Enter:

.... drum roll.. 

Baby powder. 

I know, you are skeptical. Everyone I have talked to about this says either they've tried it and it didn't work, or it sounds weird. And maybe my hair is just weird too, but this trick saves my butt often so I'm showing you how I do it! 
 This is what my hair looked like this morning. Greeeeasy, limp. Ew.
 Yup. You could grease a frying pan with my head.  Alright, time to get started- I would do this before getting dressed, to avoid a baby powder-y shirt situation. In these really lovely photos, I have a towel over my shoulders. 
 Step 1: Sprinkle on some baby powder. I like to use the little travel sized baby powder because it is a lot easier to control how much you're putting on and how fast it comes out. It's important to put on enough baby powder to absorb the grease, but not so much that your hair turns white. A little bit of trial and error here to figure exactly how much refreshes your hair but doesn't make you look like a little old lady that smells like a baby. By the way, I've done this with both brown hair and blonde hair, and if you do it right, your hair doesn't look white. 
 Step 2: Make this super weird face and flip your hair all over and continue sprinkling baby powder right at the root. I focus the baby powder on the top of my head and right around my face. Part your hair in several different spots and sprinkle it on in. 
 Step 3: Rub it in! This part is so important! Take your finger tips and really rub the baby powder into your scalp. Give yourself a nice head massage. Focus again on your part and hairline and rub rub rub!
 This is what my hair looks like post massage. Still looking a bit like a little old lady. Don't worry- we're about to fix that. 
 Step 4: Bust out your blow dryer! For just a couple of minutes, blow dry your hair while still massaging and rubbing in the baby powder. Flip your head upside down and rub in the baby powder at the scalp while blow drying. This serves two purposes- it helps blow out the excess baby powder, and it helps restore some volume and shape into your hair. I usually grab a paddle brush or round brush and smooth the top just a bit. 

 Step 5: Sometimes my hair is a bit staticky after this whole routine- I like to use just a bit of styling oil, rub it into a very thin layer on my hands and just smooth the fly aways down a bit. 

And you're done! And your hair looks great, isn't white, and Cary can bite me because he never even notices that I didn't wash my hair that day! With the blow drying, I never notice that my hair smells like baby powder. This is also great for putting your hair up and helps give you some volume. 

With this goofball always at my ankles, I am all about quick little tips that make my life easier- and baby powder dry shampoo is the difference between greasy ponytails and cute hair, and in less than 5 minutes!
I'm already sad I cut his widdle baby hair. 

Let me know if you try this! 

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