Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas Blues

We're home from our Christmas trip to Texas with the Reeves, Cary's back at work, Nate and I both have lame colds, and we've got ourselves a little case of the post-Christmas blues! The best cure I know of for the ol' PCB is to spend a day watching movies, eating treats, and reliving highlights of my favorite time of the year. So let's dive in, shall we?
We started off our Christmas season by going to a walk through Bethlehem put on by the Seventh Day Adventist church in our area. It was really awesome and such a great way to start off the Christmas season! Seeing the Christmas story brought to life was really cool, and I am forever grateful for that little baby born in a stable. 
Nate got this little truck from Grandma for Christmas and he is OBSESSED. He spends hours climbing all over that thing. When we got home from Texas, he literally squealed in excitement when we walked in the door and ran right over to his truck and clambered in. He kills me! 
Nothing I love more than finding this little babykins buried in books! It makes my little mama heart burst. 
Christmas magic, decorating the tree! Seeing the magic of Christmas in Nate's big brown eyes is just the best. He loved all of the lights and found a new purpose for his life- running away with an ornament. I'm going to miss our tree when we take it down at the end of this week, but I have to be honest and say I will not miss running constant tree interference. 
We went to see a cool light show that a family in our neighborhood does, and Nate was mesmerized! 
My poor sick little dude. We survived our first round of the stomach flu. Fun fact about me: I am TERRIFIED of throw up. Afraid of anyone around me throwing up, and straight up terrified of throwing up myself. But luckily, mom-instinct kicked in and I was able to take care of my miserable little baby and only had half of a panic attack. Phew. And Cary won husband and dad of the year that night, because he took care of all of the nasty laundry and cleaning while I covered myself in every towel in the house and held Nate. Woof. 
Finger puppet nipple clamps! HA. A great blackmail picture for when he's grown up. 
Target buddies! We ended up getting this little shopping cart for Nate because I just couldn't stand how cute it is! 
I took my favorite nerd to go see Star Wars! He looooves taking selfies. I thought the movie was entertaining, Cary was very troubled by its lack of respect for the expanded Star Wars universe. He tried to talk to me about it but ohmygosh, so bored. 
Traveling to Texas time! We spent the week of Christmas in Texas with Cary's family. The journey from Spokane to Dallas was long and obnoxious, but it was worth it to be there. We went on 4 airplanes, Nate pooped on every single one, and Cary changed every single diaper. Husband of the year, yet again. Both days involved 2 over 2 hour flights and a 3 hour layover each time, and Nate slept approximately 20 minutes of both days. Yikes. But thanks to the good folks at the USO, we survived! The USO is seriously the business, guys. Drinks, food, space for energetic little legs to run around- we may not have survived without it. Also, on our last flight, I had a movie playing on my iPad, which entertained Nate for about 10 minutes. After we landed, the lady in the row next to me said, "I can't believe you let him watch movies at such a young age." How does one even respond to that? "Yup, I sure do! I let him smoke cigarettes too!"
A bunch of cuties all cuddled up for a Christmas movie! Nate made himself right at home with the Reeves. As I peruse all of the pictures from Christmas, I am realizing that 99% them are of Nate. Whoops. Everyone else was there too, and they were all delightful! 

Climbing on frogs with Dad at the Perot Museum! I missed the snow and skiing like crazy, but we did enjoy having some nice weather while we were in Texas! It felt so un-Christmassy to be in short sleeves, but I tried to enjoy it anyway. 
The Perot Museum had a kid's place and Nate had died and gone to heaven at this water table! He played there for ages. And every time we picked him up and went somewhere else, he turned around and beelined to go back to the water. He was soaking wet by the end. It made me laugh, because when I was a kid, I was a water magnet. I remember going places and finding a stream or a fountain or anywhere with water and my mom saying "DO NOT GET WET" and I would inevitably end up soaking wet. I guess he comes by it naturally! 
Behind bars with his cousin Matthew, who is one week older than him! These two were pretty funny together! Nate is a little bit timid, and hasn't spent a lot of time with babies older than him, and Matthew has an older sister, so he is a little bit more rough and tumble. It was a little funny watching Nate try to play with him while also a little bit scared of him! Funny cousins. 
"Share a Diet Coke with Someone Naughty." Don't mind if I do!
We went to the ice exhibit at the Gaylord Texan Hotel! The ice exhibit was awesome, and it was 10 degrees inside, which the girl in line front of me told me no less than 20 times. The whole resort was so cool, and we loved walking around and looking at everything and eating lunch at a restaurant inside the hotel, with a little riverwalk and everything!
This picture deserves an explanation- They day before we went to the ice exhibit at the Gaylord Texan, Cary's dad hurt his ankle, so he was in a wheelchair for the exhibit. We all went to ride down the ice slide they had the exhibit, and Grandpa held Nate. I returned to this pathetic looking duo and couldn't resist snapping a picture of this sad looking old man holding a sad looking baby! But in real life, they were happy as clams. 
Walking through ice tunnels and looking adorably like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. "I can't put my arms down!"
A terrible picture of my boys in front of some of the ice sculptures. I have a knack for making things that were really cool in person look absolutely terrible in pictures. 
We celebrated the Care Bear's birthday a little bit early with some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake! He was thrilled, despite photo evidence to the contrary. Happy Birthday, old man!
More cousins getting into mischief! 
We made gingerbread houses! I wish I'd taken a picture of the everyone's end result, because people really brought their A-game to this occasion! 
Christmas day! Nate was a little under the weather for Christmas, and wasn't all that enthused by the idea of opening presents, but he was super stoked when he saw some dum-dums in his stocking!
This about sums up Nate's feelings on being awake that morning. 
But he perked up a little later in the day!
Just can't get enough of that little plaid bum running away! Also, Nate went from taking 2 steps to full on walking in one day and has never looked back! He walks everywhere, and his little wobbly walk just kills me! Slow down, baby!
A very rare sighting of a sleeping Nate on a plane. This picture would be a lot cuter if it hadn't taken place about 5 minutes before we landed. Homeboy was ticked when he was abruptly woken up by the plane landing. Most of the Reeves caught a pretty nasty cold while were all together, and Nate and I fell victim right before we left, so it was a bit of a long travel day, especially for Cary who had to deal with our cranky selves all day! 
  We made it home at about 6:00 p.m. from our long day of traveling, and I left to go pick up Abby from the dog sitter's and get some groceries for our empty fridge. I came home to Nate happily asleep in bed, all of our suitcases completely unpacked, laundry started, and the all of Christmas presents we had left at home arranged under the Christmas tree! I was so surprised and so grateful for that sweet hubs of mine! 
This fuzzy head woke up every hour that night and woke for the day at 4 a.m., which I really could have done without, but he was much more excited about Christmas presents this go around! And that little chair is just the cutest! 
This is an absolutely horrendous picture of me and demonstrates how little sleep I got the night before, but it must be documented that Cary absolutely knocked it out of the park for Christmas gifts this year! He got me all of the equipment I need to start recording some music! Software, cables, a mic, etc! So get ready, people! Sweet jamz coming your way once I get over this stinkin cold. 
"Let me see that blue car go down the ramp again." This picture cracks me up, King Nate sitting on his throne and watching Dad entertain him, while Abby looks on. 
All of our phat loot from our stockings. I have to eat all of this before the New Year. That's what making a resolution to eat healthier is all about, right? 

Aside from being sick for what has felt like most of December, this holiday season has been a lovely one. And we are still looking forward to Cary's birthday, and New Years! We're planning on getting pretty wild for New Years this year. And by wild I mean playing mario kart, drinking sparkling cider, and going to bed by 10:30 p.m. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.

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