Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things on a Thursday

Ahoy there, mateys! Time for my bi-monthly blog post-o-rama. Perhaps someday I will get into the habit of blogging more than that, but today is not that day.

Let's start with a quick recap of recent google searches that have caused people to stumble upon this blog. This never fails to amuse me/concern me.

1. "Sexy women posing aircraft engines"
I am positive that these are the kinds of photos they were searching for. That flight suit does wonders for my womanly curves. Eat your heart out.

2. "Pregnancy wedding belly"
Perhaps they are referring to this photo, and if so I am offended.
It's not my fault that my brothers are weaklings.

3. "How to draw a cartoon roach."
Well, I am the expert on this.

4. And once again, 278 people have found themselves on this blog after searching for "vienna sausages." The world is a strange, strange place.

I don't know when this blog turned into a dump of pictures from my phone accompanied by ramblings, but I'm just rolling with it.
The Care Bear and I found ourselves perusing the annals of Netflix one evening, as we are wont to do, and found this delightful program of fireplaces burning. There are 4 entire episodes, one of which includes Christmas carols playing festively in the background! At this point we are not so desperate for Friday night jollies that we actually watched the entire series of FirePlace, but the discovery alone provided several minutes of hilarity.
 Do any of you watch Breaking Bad? If you don't, don't start. It will damage your delicate psyche and corrupt your naive little suburbian soul. And in the words of Fat Amy (not me, Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect, come on!), "Sometimes I have the feeling I could do crystal meth... But I think, mmm... better not." But this poster is still fantastic. Also, I want a puppy. This week I discussed with Cary the disturbing reality that my heartstrings are yanked upon much more profoundly by adorable puppies than by human babies. I should probably correct this tendency before we produce offspring, as they are almost guaranteed to be in the human baby form.
 My widdle bothers came to visit me! And so did my mama! It was absolutely delightful. We spent the weekend bowling, playing games, exploring Spokane and stuffing ourselves silly with delicious food that I cooked. My entire family is still in complete shock that I now know how to cook something besides a bowl of cereal. Miracles really do happen.
 This is my attempt at teaching my mom to be hip and make a duck face for pictures. So close, Mama bear. My mom is my bestest friend. I think she should move here. I really don't think either of our husbands would mind.
Luckily Josh came to my mom's rescue with a tremendous duck face of his own. Look at that lip extension. Throw in a peace sign and he is there.
 Ohp, there's that peace sign. We are ready for a day at the duck pond with our fellow teenage girls.
 I know what you're thinking and yes, it can be stressful at times to be in a family full of such ridiculously good looking people. It is just our cross to bear.
 We went to the batting cages! I laughed at Ryan and Josh for only hitting about 3/4 of the balls and then I got in there and only managed to hit about 3 of my 25 pitches. It was real embarrassing. I have bad depth perception!

I wish I took more pictures of our fantastic weekend together. I had so much fun getting my domesticity on and cooking and cleaning for my company. When the Care Bear is out of town, I revert entirely back to the ol' single days. I eat Lean Cuisines for dinner, never make the bed, and generally just become a malnourished and messy blob. Even though school occasionally fills me with murderous rage, I appreciate the fact that it forces me to get dressed and leave the house each day. Because without it, I think I would become chemically bonded to our couch. And no one wants to see that.

Hey speaking of hair, everyone told me that I would do weird things to my hair whilst in beauty school and I was all pffff no I will not. And while I still will not be adding unnatural colors or doing bizarre haircuts, I have been considering going dark. I've had blonde hair forever, and I've always wondered what I would look like with dark hair. I've gone light-brown a couple of times but I never really liked it. So I'm thinking about going all out and really going dark this time. Take a gander at this extremely realistic photo of myself with brown hair that I made just now via the world wide web.
You're a little impressed with my computer skillz right now, don't lie. But seriously people, should I dye my hair brown?? You know I can't make any decisions without consulting with my loyal blog readers. And while we're at it, what should I eat for lunch tomorrow? Weigh in at your earliest convenience.
Another hairstyle I'm considering. Tres natural, no?


  1. It is hard to make duck lips when you are lip challenged, Amy Lynn. Have some pity on your poor ole mom.
    You make me LOL ( :

  2. i like the brown!!! and the red, but the brown for sure! spice it up, you crazy hair school woman! so proud of you for doing that!

    oh, and when you have a baby, you'll feel those emotional heart strings. it just happens. but not when you're pregnant. well, i didn't totally feel that way, lesbehonest. haha

    btw, i love pitch perfect.

  3. Oh I do love you! Wish I could come visit and stuff my face with your tasty home-cooked meals. That needs to happen, soon!

  4. hahaha I'm so glad that I am sitting here in this very public computer lab laughing my head off at your awesomeness. You make me so happy. Also, I'm really sad the fam reunion got moved because now I don't get to see your house and experience the wonder of Amy-the-homemaker.

  5. I guess I forgot to comment on this. I think you would look great as a brunette. But seeing as how I *am* a brunette, perhaps I am biased and my opinion is therefore invalid. :P OH well. I DO think you should steer away from red hair. And your commentary on Breaking Bad cracks me up. I watched it with Ty. I watched, in fact, all of it with Ty. It gives me anxiety. I have to have my iPad right there with the NERTS app or the Pinterest app open just in case crazy crap goes down and my heart can't handle it.

  6. Okay. two things. First,You are funny and witty, and I just like you. Second, I too said tat I would not be doing any crazy hair in hair school. I for the most part kept that promise to myself. I did chop it off, but it was nothing crazy or wild. However, The first time I dyed my hair dark, I was in hair school. Again, nothing crazy, just an all-over color. It was the only thing "different" I did while in hair school. I waited until AFTER hair school before I did the crazy hair thing. Remember the pink strip of hair I rocked for a bit? So, in conclusion, I fully support you rocking a new color. Nothing is permanent. Ok, so I am sure that was WAY more than two things. But who is counting!