Friday, November 4, 2011

Distance runners do it longer

My good friend Makamae posted this on Pinterest today:

I need this water bottle.

Oft times while I am running, I ponder either what I ate that I am now repenting of, or what I get to eat after accomplishing the run.

That didn't sound as pathetic until I typed it out.

I gotta be me.

I'm running a half marathon next weekend. It is probably not going to feel super good, physically. But it is going to feel AWESOME in all other ways. For those not aware of my running history, here is a little run (ha) down:
- I weighed 165 pounds when I was 13 or 14. Chubs, in a major way.
- I got down to 140ish through counting calories slash not eating hot pockets for after school snacks.(I'm 5'7"! I have hips! I'm never going to weigh 115! Don't hate.)
- I got tired of dieting all of the time, and decided to take up some sort of exercise.
- I've always hated running, but decided it was an activity of skinny people, so I should probably take it up.
- I ran to the end of our street and had to stop and catch my breath.
- I kept running and trying and complaining and sweating.
- I cried from happiness the day I ran an entire mile without stopping.
- Ever since that first time that I ran a mile, I've been scared of returning to the state where I couldn't run a mile.
- So I keep running.
- I trained for a half marathon last spring. I was all ready: I trained, I bought new shoes, I ran my 10 mile run, and then I chickened out. The altitude in Utah was killer, and I was scared to run it all by my onesie! I'm still mad at myself to being such a wimp.
- I'm in charge of the half marathon training group on base, but I can't run the base half marathon, because I'm in charge of the dang thing.
- The idea of training for, but not running, 2 different half marathons made me angry.
- I impulsively and possibly a bit foolishly registered for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon this week and ran 10 miles today in preparation. It was fun and not too bad, and I'm not even sore! That is a statement that I never thought I would make in my entire life.
- Word.

Wish me luck! Especially that I don't have any bathroom emergencies during the race (always happens to me).


  1. I feel so special that you posted the photo that made me think of you today :) And good on you for running the half. Maybe some day I can do a half. I'm just focusing on getting my knee to agree with running longer distances. I have to start out small. I don't get tired from running; my knee starts hurting. So I stop because the knee hurts. I have to slowly build up to running longer distances. I think it'd be fun to do a ragnar some day with my buddies. Don't you think? Running with breaks in between? Tag teaming with friends? Sounds much cooler than 26.2 miles by yourself sans breaks. :)

  2. you make me feel gross. because not only do i not weigh anything close to 140 {i wish}, i cannot run one mile. i cannot run, i look pathetic. i say that my exercise is chasing after zak/using him as a weight lifting him above my head. haha i'm pathetic.

    you on the other hand are awesome. regardless of why you run.

  3. Good luck this weekend! I'm so proud of you. :) You are definitely my running inspiration and I am working towards a half marathon (5K down! Check!)

  4. Amy we need to swap running stories! I've started running semi-recently, but I've never been able to run a mile non-stop without stopping and walking in between, until this last week! I actually ran 1.5 miles (on a treadmill) without taking breaks. My roommate told me to try to run a mile without stopping and so I did plus some! Some day I really want to run a half marathon and if I like that I want to do a marathon.

    Good Luck on your half this weekend, and let me know how it goes!