Friday, July 22, 2011

This just in.

What's good, homies?

I'm back at work after Cary's track select thing. I think my hands have resumed their normal sweating level, finally. For those non-AF folk (lucky son of a guns... only joking! Love the AF) track select is when they tell you what plane you will be flying for the next 6 months of your training. Cary could see himself being happy in any of the planes, but he was mostly thinking he'd be happiest in either the T-1 (heavy/cargo track) or the UH-1 (helicopter track). So, we really weren't too concerned or worried about the outcome, but I really just never miss an opportunity to be nervous and sweaty. Anywho, if you haven't facebook stalked me lately the verdict is....

The T-1 Jayhawk!

Cary is pretty excited. He was hoping for helicopters, but there was only one helicopter in the whole group and it went to a good friend of his, so he's just a bit bummed that he won't be flying helicopters. But mostly he's excited to be flying the T-1! In 6 more months, we'll have what they call "Drop Night" where we'll find out what plane he'll be flying for the rest of his career. I can already tell I'm going to be a nervous wreck. Do they make hand deodorant? That's a question one hopes to never have to ask.

In non-airplane news, I had a terrible nightmare last night and woke up screaming in bed. It was straight out of a horror movie. I was pulled over with my car on some dirt road, and this other car starts swerving towards me. I'm yelling and waving my arms and trying to get the car to stop and it crashes into my car, and the face of this girl that I haven't seen and/or thought about since high school (how in the world did she get in my dream? Where does my brain come up with this stuff) is all mangled and plastered against the window and her killer is getting out of the car to, I can only assume, kill me as well. At this point I woke up screaming my head off. And Cary woke up and reassurringly rubbed my back and held me and told me it would be all okay. Haha! Good joke. Cary told me to roll over and put a sock in it. So hurtful in my time of need.

Anywho, so that's what's new in the neighborhood. Happy Friday, folks!

p.s. Only 2 more shopping days until my birthday.


  1. hahaha he would tell you to put a sock in it. mine would too. actually he probably wouldn't even notice that i woke up.

    and ummm. i cannot wait to my birthday in less than 4 weeks. i've been looking up birthday list stuff all week since i can't do anything. i hope you put your list on here. or what you've got. wahoo.

  2. i need hand deodorant too. let me know if you figure out where to buy it. :)