Monday, July 25, 2011

I am a spoiled brat.

It was birthday yesterday, and I was spoiled rotten. It was a perfect day filled with church, food, games, movies, food, and friends. And food. I spent the day eating all of the things that I would never let myself eat on a normal day, such as:
Breakfast: S'mores Poptarts. Delicious. I felt like I was on the verge of a diabetic coma after wards, and got very hungry during church approximately 20 minutes later. It was worth it. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I really love Poptarts and wish I could justify eating them on a regular basis.

Lunch:  This will probably gross some people out, but I love Lunchables. A lot. So I channeled my inner 7 year old and enjoyed a delicious pizza lunchable for lunch.
Don't hate.
 For dinner we made scrumptious enchiladas. I probably shouldn't mention the millions of double stuffed oreos we also ate, but there it is. To top it all of, a bunch of our wonderful Del Rio friends came over to celebrate my 22 years on earth by eating with me. :) We had rootbeer floats and s'mores and it was so delicious and sugary. Cary and I both conked out at like 10:30 after falling from our sugar high. It was a delightful birthday and I love our little life here in Del Rio.

Wanna see my birthday spoils? I recognize that I am spoiled rotten, but I am extremely grateful and suuuuper excited about all of my presents, so I thought I'd tell you 'bout em.

(Side note: Cary hates being in pictures, but enjoys taking them, so here comes a bunch of pictures of yours truly. Kind of weird to be posting a million pictures of myself, but I'm allowed because I am (was) the birthday girl.)

Cary got me BEAUTIFUL white gold hoop earrings, which I don't have a picture of, but I'm wearing them in all of these here pictures. I have ridiculously sensitive ears and I can only wear real gold, so now I have 2 pairs of fancy earrings that I can wear. Thanks hubs!

(Tangent: While swimming laps the other day, I foolishly forgot to take out my diamond earrings, and one fell out while I was swimming. I realized this after I got home and raced back to the pool, where swim team practice was going on. I figured my earring was a goner, and was about to leave, when a little swim team girl found my earring! Best day ever!)

Back to the goods. Anywho. My wonderful family-in-law got me a sweet new curling iron so I can stop using the glittery purple one I've had since I was like 13! So exciting. And they also got me nice new running socks, and I tried them out today and they felt so great. Much better than the holey Spongebob socks I've been hanging on to. Thanks Reeves! Ya'll are the best!

 My dad is a Steep and Cheap addict and found me this awesome GPS watch! I loooove it! After finally reading enough of the instructions to figure out how to work it, I am taking it on it's maiden voyage tomorrow and I'm very excited/nervous to find out how far and how fast I've actually been running. Woohoo! Plus, now I feel like I have to keep up this whole running gig since people keep buying me running equipment. Great motivation.

I love that is gray and pink!
 Whoever guesses first what this next present is will be my new best friend for life. Hint 1: It's a necklace.

I'll give you a hint... Theme song: Dun dun da da dun da daaaa dun....
 My little brother Ryan got me this hilarious shirt. If you can't read it, it says "Chinchillin'". Ryan has a love of obscure t-shirts, and I was so excited that he got me a present before he left for his mission! My sister also got me an adorable bracelet. When the package with the bracelet was delivered to me and didn't say who it was from, I was very confused. But I wore it anyway, and I was also so excited when I found out it was from her! I have great siblings.

And here is the only picture that I ever got Cary to be in. He looks so special. I love that goober.

 And now, introducing the newest member of our family... My new Kitchenaid! Do my parents know me, or do they know me? They got me a kitchenaid so that I could make more baked goods, and a GPS watch and running shirt so that I could burn them off. I am soooo excited to have a kitchenaid! No more exerting my rotator cuff while stirring. Yesssss.

And thus concludes an overall quite delightful birthday. I am so very grateful for my wonderful family, the awesome family I married into, my cute husband, and my great friends! Life is very good, my friends.


  1. I seriously don't know how people do it without Kitchenaids! Glad you finally got one, and glad you had a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat birthday!

  2. Time turner. I win I win!! Also I'm super jealous that you got a time turner! Happy birthday again! Loves!

  3. I meant to tell you happy birthday yesterday. Facebook even reminded me. Dangit, crappy friend point #2 (the first one went to a diff friend for a diff reason, don't worry). I'm glad you had an awesome day and you got some awesome stuff! I LOVE my KA and I wish I had a bigger one, so way to get the big one from the start! haha. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Dang it! Turn that time turner and go back to June 30th, 2011, please!... jealous of all your cool gifts.