Monday, June 16, 2014

Pink or Blue?

We find out on FRIDAY if I am currently baking a BOUNCING BABY BOY or a PRINCESS BABY GIRL. I am SO. EXCITED. Cary has missed all of the doctor's appointments so far (so rude of him to skip the first part of my pregnancy by being in the desert...), so I can't wait for him to see the baby on the ultrasound. And I think it'll help the pregnancy feel more real to both of us. I can't wait. So, to amuse myself while sitting around in anticipation, I went ahead and researched the many old wives tales I've heard about predicting gender to see if I could come up with an educated guess before we find out (hopefully) on Friday! Any tips to make sure baby isn't shy in there? I've heard drinking orange juice and eating a candy bar will help the little acrobat show off the goods while we're there, and I will happily be doing both of those!

1. MYTH: If you're carrying high, a girl is hanging out in there. Low means it's a baby boy.

2. MYTH: A little girl steals your beauty. Pregnancy pizza face means you have are having a little princess.
PREDICTION: GIRL. Thanks a lot, baby. I love having a face of a 14 year old.

3. MYTH: Carrying a boy means your hands and feet will be cold and dry.
PREDICTION: BOY. Not really a departure from the norm.

4. MYTH: Tie your wedding ring onto a piece of string and hang it above your belly. If it swings in a circle, you're having a boy. Back and forth means a girl

5. MYTH: If baby's heartbeat is below 140, it's a boy. Above is a girl
PREDICTION: Baby's heartbeat has always been 155-170. GIRL!

6. MYTH: Craving sweets? Blame it on your baby girl. Salty and sour cravings indicate a boy.
PREDICTION: BOY. I love me some chips and sour patch kids these days.

7. MYTH: Chinese birth Calendar
PREDICTION: GIRL. I found a few versions of this online, but they all said girl.

8. MYTH: If your husband is packing on a little bit of sympathy weight, it's because you are having a girl.
PREDICTION: BOY. Of course Cary is like his most thin and trim when I am ballooning into a whale!

9. MYTH: Morning sickness means you are having a girl. A nausea- free first trimester means boy.
PREDICTION: I definitely didn't feel my best during my first trimester... But I wasn't too sick. I'm going with BOY.

10. MYTH: If your legs get really big during pregnancy, it's a boy. If your legs stay lean, hello baby girl!
PREDICTION: BOY... what does having a huge booty mean?

11. MYTH: If you are extra clumsy while you are pregnant, you're having a boy. If you're graceful, it's a girl.
PREDICTION: If this is true, I will never have a girl. BOY.

12. MYTH: If your areola get darker, it's a boy.
PREDICTION: GIRL. And now the internet knows far too much about my nerps.

13. MYTH: If you're really moody, you can blame the extra hormones from your baby girl. 
PREDICTION: You can just go ahead and ask the poor customer service lady at Spokane Utilities, who had to put up with my crying and yelling on the phone because we had a water leak. I'm gonna go with GIRL.

 For those keeping score at home, that's  7/13 for BOY and 6/13 for GIRL

Well, after my exhaustive research, I can confidently say that it's going to be a boy. Or a girl. But I'm like 99.9% sure that it'll be one of the two. 

So, whatcha gonna be, little babe?? A mini-Amy or a mini-Cary? Either way, I think this little baby is gonna be pretty stinkin cute. And I'm gonna love the crap out of it! 
Look at baby Cary's chubby little cheeks. Yes, I will take one just like that.
 This is a terrible picture-of-a-picture, but seriously... I was so dang cute. And I still make that face.
 Just stop. I am dead. This picture officially killed me. So. Cute.
I know what you're thinking! YES, I have always been this cute! 


  1. I'm still voting koala! And even you're giving it a 0.01% chance, so I can hope! Why is Frideee so far away still?! I can't wait! I think you should have a boy for poor Caleb, otherwise he will be sandwiched between three incredibly bossy girls and he'll hate reich-time reunions!
    Also, you had more hair as a baby than Ellie has now.

  2. This post cracks me up. Mainly because I can't tell you how many people have "told" me what I'm having based off of how I'm carrying. One lady thought I was carrying high (which I'm not, I just have a short torso), and told me I'm having a girl bc of that. And a different lady said I was carrying low, so I must be having a girl. So which is it crazy ladies?! Also, my sister carried low with both of her boys, so I think thats all BS.

    I don't think the sweets thing applies either, bc I had a friend who ate (and still does eat) dessert all the time during her pregnancy with her boy. My sweet tooth has been equally terrible, and I seriously hope it goes away once she's out. I can't handle not being able to say no whenever I want. Sometimes I just find myself on the couch with a bag of twix bites, and I just can't help it. Its terrible.