Thursday, December 13, 2012

Titles are for squares

Thank you all SO much for your kind words on my last post. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for all of your prayers and sweet comments. It meant the world to me, and I could honestly feel comfort from your prayers. We are already starting to feel much better. Every now and then random things like spying my prenatal vitamins under the bathroom sink, or that fact that every single ad on the internet is now about babies (how do they know???) still hit me with a little stab of sadness, but it gets better every day. It feels strangely morbid to look on the bright side, but you just kind have to. So for now, I'm enjoying drinking caffeinated beverages, doing hard work outs, and we planned a little ski trip for the weekend of New Years. That's one thing I've learned in the last few years- no matter what happens, time continues to tick along. And you do your best to just pick up and keep going along with it.

Now. Moving on from serious and sad topics, and back our regularly scheduled programming of really riveting repartee (now featuring: alliteration!).

 I am currently in the throes of a massive Goldfish (the cracker, not the actual fish) addiction. I'm not sure a stranger addiction exists. In a fit of insanity, I decided it would be reasonable to purchase a gigantic container of the cheesy little guys at Costco, and now I can't stop eating them! I don't even know anyone above the age of 5 who still likes Goldfish crackers. But I love them so. Someone help.

Hey, speaking of weird foods I love, who else has tried these chocolate covered peppermint peeps? They are so freakin good. I died and went to heaven. I know I am about the only person on earth who loves peeps, but it is time to open your minds, friends. These peeps are totally different than the usual peep (which is also delicious) and even the most staunch confectionery chicken hater will like them. Hearken, o ye despisers of marshmallow chickens. Give peeps a chance. Heh heh. Like give peace a chance, get it? But seriously, try them and immediately alert me that you have changed your ways and are now converted to the sugary and fluffy side of life.
I just did a google image search for "gift for husband" and this is one of the pictures that came up. I can't even tell you how THRILLED Cary would be to receive such a gift. The man loves his sentimental hangers...? There needs to be a font that designates when things should be read in a sarcastic tone of voice. Why are husbands so hard to shop for? Plus, double lame town, my husband's birthday and Christmas are 4 days apart. For the love! He is getting some weird presents, because I just pick stuff out while I'm already out shopping. "Oh, Cary loves stapling things... I'll get him a stapler. Everyone loves a Christmas stapler in their stocking." Does anyone have any genius ideas of what to get for husbands?
Of all of my recent addictions and guilty pleasures, this has got to be the most shameful. I started watching Grey's Anatomy to entertain myself when Cary's not around, because I knew it was a show he would absolutely hate. What I didn't know is that I would get sucked into this ridiculous drama fest of a show, and have dreams about strange medical problems and being in the hospital and being friends with Meridith Grey. Also, on two separate occasions, I started to tell a story about someone I heard of who had such-and-such thing happen to them, only to realize half way through my story that it was from an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I am so ashamed.

To end this blog entry in a bizarre and arbitrary fashion, as I am wont to do, here is a recent video that I really enjoyed:

Michael Buble is so dreamy, and Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.


  1. Funny you mention goldfish bc I bought a little bag and was enjoying having a tasty go at them this past week. Anyone who says they hate goldfish are lying to themselves. Ty is also pretty hard to shop for, but he hates being surprised anyway so I just flat out ask him what he wants and then I buy him a present with money he earned :P lame? :P i'm hoping that I can save up some money and really buy something for him for his birthday this year. :P And that is my favorite Christmas video from SNL. Best ever. I can't even decide which duet is my favorite (the Kanye one made me laugh so hard).

  2. ok. i don't usually watch videos on people's blogs, but anything michael buble ;) that was hilarious. like i'm gong to watch it again haha i miss your face.

  3. 1. I LOOOOOVE goldfish. LOVE them. We buy the "made with whole wheat" ones because that makes me feel better about eating them. My favorites are actually the baby fish, but you can only buy them in small bags - not as cheap, dangit. And it kind of creeps me out to eat the baby version of a fish cracker, but that also kind of amuses me. I'm eating babies. Okay, it's creepy.

    2. I like peeps. Why didn't our time in Del Rio overlap better? Good thing we have the Internet. :)

    3. I also LOVE marshmallow chocolate-covered Santas. And so does my Grandma. And she hunted for them because no Christmas is complete without them. And then I hate like six in two days. And took two for the road. I love them. And chocolate and marshmallows? Man, that's a good combo. I made edible cookie dough tonight and almost added marshmallows just because I like them.

    4. I did NOT want that video to end. Can we please be neighbors? We could watch Grey's every night. And tell each other about our Grey's dreams and tell stories about people we know who had a mystery blah blah blah. Yeah, been there, done that, got that tshirt. And go to movies and not share our popcorn. I onced shared with my friend to save money. It did NOT taste as good. True story. And my family lives in Germany and they sent me a can that I THINK has pickle juice in it. Like for people to actually drink. So fitting to read about your ornament of the pickle. That I don't think is in this post. :)