Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have 5 things that I feel compelled to broadcast to the world wide web:

1. Let us investigate the various means by which people happen upon my blog. Here are the top google searches leading people to my little corner of the internet:
- In the last month 96 people have found my blog through searching "vienna sausages". Why? I do recall that I mentioned vienna sausages in this post, but I don't feel like it is an overarching theme of my blog.
- 2 have found it with a "wienershnitzel smorgasbord" search. Hmm.
- A large number have found their way here while searching for "funny pictures of roaches." ??
- A few more, searching "cute roach pictures."
- About 5 people a day find my blog while looking for "nutella and pretzels." How many pages do these people click through?? And what motivates them to click on this link??
- Lately, a few people have searched "32' port hole" and been directed to my blog. This one makes absolutely no sense to me. I'm not sure I've ever though about, no less written about, port holes.

Curious, indeed.

2. Ha.

3. Job search = over. Instead, I am going to try to just enjoy this summer and make the most of this rare opportunity to whatever I dang well please for a while. Things on my summer to-do list:
- Paint. My awesome cousin Summer is an incredible artist, and she is a great painter. Check out her super awesome business: She's given me some tips and I'm ready to get started! I've always wanted to paint, and I will probably be terrible, but I think I will like it.
- Work out a lot. I've been loving walking with Abby, running, sweating my guts out on the stair mill, doing Zumba on the Kinect (my downstairs neighbors probably love it), and lifting weights. But don't worry- I'm making up for all of this calorie burning with my other summer hobby which is:
- Fattening up my husband, our friends, and the missionaries at our church. So far we've enjoyed Maple Walnut BlondiesPeanut Butter PieChicken Pot PieFrench Dip SandwichesPeach CrispHomemade PizzaCarnitas Tacos, and many other delicious things but I'm tired of making links. 
- Reading by the pool, and hopefully developing a skin tone a few shades darker than my current pastiness. Any suggestions for good reads?? 
- Volunteering. I'm in the process of trying to volunteer at the hospital, but it's quite a process. Hopefully it'll work out.
- Biggest project: Compile ALL of my recipes into a recipe book. I take recipes from websites, blogs, books, scraps of paper from friends, index cards, and all over the place. When it comes to menu planning, I get overwhelmed by all of the options and I can't think of a single thing that I make. I want to take all of the recipes I've made and enjoyed and get them all into a book. It's been on my to-do list for about a year now, and I'm finally going to tackle it. That is if I can squeeze it in between wandering the apartment and wandering around Wal-Mart.

My friend has 2 bulldogs, and I am a little bit obsessed with them. Obsessed isn't the right word... more like, fascinated. Natural selection does not support the existence of bulldogs. They would not survive in nature. For starters, their squished faces are really just not compatible with normal breathing. And then there is the fact that they have to take napping breaks every 3 minutes. But I love them and their ridiculousness. And their snoring is strangely soothing. 

5. I want these shoes:
And on an unrelated note, my birthday is coming... Only 63 more shopping days.


  1. You are so funny- I love how people find you- ALL pretty awesome things ;)

  2. I am trying to avoid getting tan, and I can't seem to escape it. I seriously wear spf 50 when I go hiking, but to no avail. I have the worst tank tan and it is soo annoying! I may have to up it to spf 70 or 80.

  3. Hahahahahaha I am impressed with your domestic goddness-ness! Look at all that food you make! Levi's lucky to have me make treats once a month :)

    And also, I am still impressed with your exercising-ness. You da woman!! Miss you :)

  4. today i asked dallin if he wanted his aunt to come visit. he said, "no, i want AMY to visit!!!" you are still loved.

    read the book about sister hinckley. something about reflections on the life and heart or something like that. but it's really good, a quick read, and it makes being a good person look totally doable. plus, she and pres. hinckley were so darn cute.

    if you have a good system for organizing your recipes, let me know. i have a stack as big as...something big...of recipes i need to organize. i'm thinking a binder for each big category, and then break it down from there? but seriously, any ideas are welcome.

    i miss you.